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December 24, 2012

What a LUSH Christmas so far.

Ah I haven't blogged in a while! I'm sure everyone has been very busy too this holiday?
Well, Merry Christmas Eve! So exciting :)
I just thought I'd do a little post about something I got from the boy for Christmas, we did ours early because when we're home from uni we live 5 hours away from each other!

I think I'm probably the last person on the bloggersphere ever to have oodles of Lush goodies, but I finally got some bits! He bought me a Christmas gift box, where you choose 3 different items to put in it. As it was a gift I'm not sure how much it was but I'm sure it's on the website?

So here's my box...

How cute is it?! I just love it. Lush do have an eye for appearance don't they. The ribbon was wrapped on it properly in a bow but I had to open it straight away!

It came wrapped in lovely star embossed paper too! The three little goodies I got were So White, Snowcake soap and Melting Snowman.

So cute! This little guy is sadly no longer with us, if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen already that he has passed on to Snowman heaven. He smelt gorgeous though, a mixture of cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. It is a mix of bath melt and bath fizz, so it dissolves and fizzes up but doesn't go crazy in the bath. It has Shea butter in it too so it's very moisturising and left me feeling very soft! I'm pretty sure that's real chocolate too - bit odd - but I'm not complaining! Until next year Snowman...

So white - this is a crazy little thing! It goes mental when you drop it in, whizzing all over the place. Great fun. Even if you don't like bath bombs, it's worth it just for that. I'm such a child!
It smells like apples... mmmmm.

Snowcake soap. I haven't used this one yet but it''s covered in gold glitter! I'm going to be all sparkly and glimmering like a goddess. I can't seem to find this one online, unless it just comes in this shape at Christmas? Confused. The box is all the way upstairs, so I'll let you know the smell when I use it! Lazy oaf.

How cute. I actually miss the snowman, I feel like I've killed him.

Also, once you throw it in, it practically explodes and turns the water pink!


Love x

December 18, 2012

Motel's discount evening.

On Friday I popped along over to the Motel Rocks discount evening at their Bristol store, and what a treat it was! The store was decorated with all things Christmas, including the tree and presents! I was quite excited to say the least, plus they were offering a whopping 30% off EVERYTHING in store. I was a happy girly, my bank balance was not.
I thought as I took quite a few photos, I'd let them speak for themselves...

Santa :)
The most amazing cupcakes ever.
Presents under the treeeeeee.
My present, thanks Motel!
Some of the gorgeous clothing available on the shop floor. A mass of bold prints, sequins and perfect winter colours.
Cutie Cools! The best nails! Check out the Facebook page here. Incredible nail designs!
Vintage and new, something Motel always manages to get the balance between just right.
Sequins, sparkles and Christmas decs. Plus some cheeky House of Holland tights.
Om nom nom nom.
Part of my present - Motel tee with gorgeous rolled sleeves. It came with some sweeties, stickers and a discount flyer.
The dress I bought! Get it here. Unfortunately they only had a large left which is too big for me, but I couldn't resist so belted it with a cardi for my work do :)
Thank you Motel for such a lovely eve!

I've been so busy this weekend that I've literally only just got a chance to do this post. I have so much to show you all, and was so tempted to just do one ginormous post but it would have been ridiculous. Haha, so at least this way we can have some exciting things coming up!
I'm back home now which is nice, get to chill with the fam. But sad that I won't see the boyfriend until Jan. Weep.

Have a great week guys.
Love x

December 11, 2012


Hello lovelies, how is your week going so far? I'm so excited that this is the last week at uni until I go home for Christmas! Although it's heartbreaking that my boyfriend an I will be apart for 3 weeks (he lives in Cornwall and I'm near London) when we go home, I'm very much looking forward to getting back, relaxing a little and spending some quality family time while I eat my body weight in food. I guess we will have to just Skype eh Matthew? :(
I've noticed my posts have wavered more towards beauty this past few, which is all fine and dandy, but I don't want you thinking I've neglected my passion for fashion - cringe.

I spotted this on someone else's blog (forgive me I can't remember who) and thought I'd have a little look see...

Daxon are an online clothing, accessories, footwear and home store that typically sell to an older age market then me. So when I first looked I did think, would I ever be likely to shop there? Probably not, however they do have a few little bits and bobs here and there that did tickle my fancy. Such as these cozy bed slippers and this bag.

Bed slippers - £17
Stud detail handbag with shoulder strap - £45
Images from

Other than those and the odd beauty product, this probably won't be my go-to shop when I need some newbies to add to my wardrobe, but I'm happy to support them as a company, as I may shop there for presents for my family.
They are looking for fashion bloggers to become part of their VIP Fashion network, which sounds really exciting, plus they're giving away a £50 Amazon voucher for those who take part. Interested too? Head over to Daxon's info page and follow the simple steps. Eh voila!

What is everyone's plan for the week? I'm quite excited about this week, tonight, my fashion course are hosting an event at The Bank, Stokes Croft (Bristol) to raise money for the end of year shows. (We somehow have to raise a MA-HOOSSIVE £30,000) If you live in Bristol feel free to come! They are always great fun and for a good cause.

Awesome poster right?

Then on Friday I'm going to the Motel Rocks discount evening as an official blogger (TOO EXCITED) and then meeting a friend for drinks. Saturday is the boyf and I's Christmas day, so presents and a roast are mandatory, and then on to the staff Christmas party for work! Should be all be a good laugh, and then I'll see my lovely mumma on Sunday when she comes to take me home while I lay in the back of the car feeling like I've been hit over the head with a piano.

Hope you have a good week! Maybe see you tonight xx

Love x

December 10, 2012

Soap & Glory. The righteous butter.

This is a sample size (50ml) of 'The righteous butter' from Soap & Glory, a rich moisturizer for very dry skin. I do have it in full size (300ml) but I thought I would photograph the smaller one because it hasn't been used yet and looks a lot cleaner!

The righteous butter.
£10.50 for full size 300ml.
Sample size was part of a gift set of minis.

I cannot rave about this product enough. It is really thick and creamy so it glides on the skin really well and slowly soaks in leaving you feeling velvety soft and dewy. It does take a little while to soak in, so probably not the best if you're heading out in a hurry. I tend to put ridiculous amounts on at a time though, so I guess you can vary how much you put on depending on how much time you have. I started using this a few years ago when I went on holiday to Malaga with the girls, I think I was given it as a present so I brought it along to save my skin in the heat. I tend to use it after a shower or bath, putting quite a thick layer on all over (so it's still slightly white) and just lay in my towel for an hour or so while i read a mag, or have a nap, just to let it really soak in and do its job. It contains Shea butter and Aloe Vera, so leaves your skin feeling gorgeous and refreshed, and not too slippy either which is good!
The smell is incredible I think, I just love it. It is scented with their 'Original Pink' fragrance, which is a blend of orange leaf, lemon, peach, sweet strawberries, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine. Just a few things! It is gorgeous. It smells like being on holiday.
I don't have too many Soap & Glory products, but I am a big fan. I really love the packaging too, and the quirky puns they use as titles for each one - The righteous butter, The righteous brothers, get it?! Haha. They have others like 'Pulp friction' and 'Love at first blush'. Brilliant.
The 'pin up' vibe to their branding is just gorgeous too, and the pastel pinks and creams let you instantly recognise them.
They've started doing a cosmetics range as well (quite a while ago now I believe) but I'm yet to try anything.
Have you tried any of their makeup range? Do you like this product?
Let me know in the comments!

Ta Ta x

December 09, 2012

Jeff + Maggie

Jeff + Maggie Sheer lipstick in Latté.

I thought I'd share with you a lipstick that I pretty much use everyday. Although when looking it up to give you a link, I realised it doesn't seem to exist anymore?! So if anyone knows if you can still get it please do let me know.
I found this lipstick when I moved house a few months back, it was one of those items that just seem to be lurking in the bottom of a drawer with a million other un-used and un-loved bits and bobs. I gave it a try anyway and I love it. Jeff + Maggie is a cosmetics brand that used to be sold at Matalan, so I can only assume it wasn't too expensive at all, which is apparent in the formula.
It is quite translucent when you put it on, and doesn't give a huge amount of coverage or pigment, so wouldn't be ideal if you wanted to create a statement lip. Instead it is a very subtle brown, that has a gloss like feel to it, perfect for a natural nude lip everyday. As it isn't overly pigmented, it's really easy to top up, something you would have to do a fair few times throughout the day, but it is easily 'buildable' to suit your look. Plus you can get away with topping up without a mirror which is always a plus if you're on the go!
I'm quite sad that I cannot find it anywhere on the net, maybe Matalan still do it in store?

Let me know in the comments if you find it!
Do you like this colour? What is your go to shade for everyday makeup? 

Hope you had a wonderful weekend x

December 08, 2012

Motel's rockin' it this Christmas.

I've always been a big fan of Motel Rocks, I love that they do a variety of prints across a range of different garment shapes, so there's always something to suit everyone.
They're hosting a huge event next Friday which I'm so excited about, that includes up to 30% in store! Can't wait to blog about it and tell you all what goodies they had! Woo.
For now, here's a little 'put together' of things I love from Motel at the moment, definitely going to be looking out for these bad boys on discount!

Tera velvet bodice prom dress in midnight blue - £50
Spandangle short in iridescent green - £25
Laynie babydoll dress in black with cross beads - £45
Kadie high waisted skater skirt in merlot - £28
Images from
Very quick post, off to work now! Peace out x

December 06, 2012

Pandora challenge ~ John Greed Jewellery.

I accidentally came across this challenge earlier, and nearly cried when I saw the closing date was yesterday! However, I then noticed that it has been extended until tomorrow! YAYY. Had to give it a go.
The challenge has been set by John Greed Jewellery, and is to create your perfect Pandora bracelet up to the value of £250, blog about it, and if you win, you get the bracelet you designed. Amazing.
So here's mine...
Single woven brown leather and silver starter bracelet, 19cm - £40.
Red faceted murano glass charm x2 - £35 each.
Acapu wood charm x2 - £25 each.
Silver and orange enamel zen charm - £45.
Silver tyres spacer charm x2 - £15 each.
Total - £235
Images from
What do you think?
I'm so in love with my design. It is me to a T. I chose to design the overall aesthetic of the bracelet how I would like it to look once on, so rather than just picking lots of different charms, I've gone with repetition to keep it looking slick. I just adore natural looking jewellery, weirdly I'd pick something that's wooden and rusty looking over something pure gold or silver! So that's why I have gone for the leather bracelet. I have had my eye on this for a long time now, so this could be my chance! I love pretty much any jewellery with wooden accents, so I had to go for the Acapu wood beads. I think they keep the earthy, boho theme of the bracelet in check, and by placing them equally away from the centre bead, balance out the whole look. Ah I just love it. This red, or Oxblood, is my absolute favourite colour, as you may be able to tell by my blog page and I genuinely (if it didn't make me look like a walking grape) would wear it head to toe. The faceted cut of this bead will catch the light beautifully, and give the bracelet a subtle sparkle which is just enough for me as I don't consider myself to be much of an 'out there bling' person. I chose the zen bead as I like to try and keep my life calm and balanced. I'm a strong believer in Karma and am a very spiritual person so this bead suits me well. I went for the orange as it is kind of a burnt tone, that complements the red and the wood really well and the spacer beads at each end will keep everything together. I chose quite simple beads, as I don't like my jewellery to be too over done so to speak, I like to keep things fun, but with a boho, natural vibe. I hope you like it!

Have you entered? If so leave your blog address in the comments box so I can see? I'd love to see what others have designed!

If you haven't entered but would like to, go to this page to get the full details, but hurry! Ends tomorrow. Good luck :) x

Ps. If you like my blog, then click follow :) Cheers then! x

December 05, 2012

Barry M & L.A Colors. Festive nails.

Barry M - 66 Matt White
L.A Colors Art Deco nail art - NA905 Red glitter
Please excuse the scabby plaster, I caught my nail on a razor last week. It didn't hurt at all at the time, but now I keep catching it and it's getting really painful! So that's why it's covered, and I can't take photos with my left hand. Well, not very well anyway! So do forgive me.
I thought I'd get into the festive spirit with some red sparkly nails today, and cheer myself up after another extremely stressful day at uni. I would have liked to spend more time on them, or painted fake nails before I put them on, but they don't look too bad eh?!
The base colour is Barry M in shade 66 'Matt White'. I love a good old Barry M, I have way too many of them, but you can hardly complain when they're only £2.99 each. Well at least that's my excuse. As much as I love them, they do chip quite quickly, at least they do on my nails, but I don't have the healthiest of nails to start with. To jazz them up I added a red glitter tri-accent - something I spotted on Leighannsays' instagram. I think it's a really nice idea, but I need to work on my accuracy a tad! I used masking tape once the base white was dry to get the straight edge, what do you think?
The L.A Colors nail art brush is really thin, mainly for designing on the nail, but it's the only polish I have in a glittery red :) so Christmassy.
I need more glitteeeer.

December 04, 2012

I'm living on such sweet nothing.

Just a quick hello :)
So so busy today, I have endless uni work to do (sigh) and then I have work tonight so I doubt I'll be able to do  proper post! Booo.
However, I thought it would be exciting to share that I working at a Florence and the Machine gig tonight in Exeter, so exciting! I'll try and take some photos if I can but I will be working so it's not always easy :/

Image from
I cannot wait, I love Florence. Yay for me! Sorry this is such a short post, and not really fashion, beauty or in fact anything related.
There's just no timeeeeeeee.
Love x

December 02, 2012

So You Shoes wish list.

I wandered onto this site one day whilst browsing through blogs, and I just love it. They have a such a good selection of shoes! I love shoes.
So I thought I'd put together a wish lost of shoes I want, just I case anyone reading this is stuck on what to get me for Christmas ;) ha.

Wood heel lace up boots in Black, Tan suede and Floral £40
Wood heel court shoe in Turquoise suede £35

High heel Chelsea boot - £35
Flat glitter pumps in Gold and Black - £25
Gold stud pump shoe - £25
What do you think? I have always been a fan of the Jefferey Campbell Lita boots, and if any of you read a lot of blogs, or blog yourself, it seems they are the 'must have' shoe if you want to be anyone in blog land. I'm not normally one to conform all that much to the hype, but I absolutely love them. However, as a poor little student the Lita boots carry a way too hefty price tag for my little purse to handle, so a look-a-like pair will have to do. I've seen a few around that aren't bad, but just look obviously a lot cheaper than the real deal, but these ones on SoYouShoes have done well! They don't look cheap, the material actually looks really well made and they are such a good replica I think. I need to get some in my life, and see how they measure up in real life! Do you like these boots? Which colour would you wear?
These Chelsea boots I'm (hopefully) getting for Christmas from pops :) he was stressing over what to get me for Christmas, (such a dad thing!) so I said well, all the boots I own have been worn down to the end and all let water in, which is not ideal for the weather at the moment! So I'd love these! Fingers crossed. They are such a good everyday boot that adds that bit of sophistication to any outfit. I originally wanted the Topshop Allegra boots which are pretty much exactly the same shape, but cost either £75 or £85. When I saw these I actually think I like them more. I love the worn down texture, it makes the, look slightly vintage and have that loved feel about them. Plus they're only a fraction of the price. Boom. 
As for the flats, I know it's not really pump weather with all this disgustingly non-stop rain, but they're so cute! With the glitter ones I fell like I'd have to moon walk everywhere in true MJ style but they are lovely for sparkling up a day or evening outfit. The stud shoes are just as gorge, and the rounded off stud means I'm less likely to stab myself in the back of the heel when I walk!

I have so much uni work to do today, and actual job work tonight too, but all I want to do is lay in bed all day. And eat cake.  

Hope you're having a good weekend :) feel free to follow!

December 01, 2012

Christmas party outfit challenge -

I came across this blogger challenge today and thought I had to have a go, especially as there's a £100 voucher up for grabs! This website FashionVouchers, is running the challenge, where you choose a retailer from their list and create an outfit that's Christmas party perfect... But all for under £100.  I love things like this, definitely going to be google-ing to see if there are any other challenges out there!
Here's my outfit pick, I chose Miss Selfridge as I think it's a great store that always has gorgeous pieces. It was quite tricky though as they don't always have the pocket friendliest price tags. Luckily for me I found some bargs in the sale.

Nude shimmer cape dress - £39
Shiny rose gold court shoe - £42
Gold metallic hair clip - £1.50 (sale)
Nude double zip clutch - £16
Total - £98.50

What do you think? I know most people, when it comes to Christmas party time think, go for the classic LBD, and I'm normally the same. Having said that when I came across this cape dress I thought it was just beautiful. I love the simplicity of the style, it would just hang nicely over any figure, and for me, hide the old muffin I haven't managed to destroy yet! (Diet starts tomorrow right?) So then I decided to keep everything neutral, and just play around with the tones rather than go crazy with colour. Keeping to one Christmas party tradition I stuck to a bit of sparkle, well, it is Christmas after all and everything else is sparkly and pretty so we should be too!
I just love this bow, and at £1.50 it's a right steal. It's just the right amount of girly cute and just adds that little bit of glam to your hair, what's not to love? Maybe with tousled loose waves and the bow pinned up at the side.
Ah the shoes. I am such a shoe freak. Love them. They just make me excited to even think about. The way I see it, no matter what body issues I may be having, whether I have lost weight or put on weight, shoes will always fit. And they'll always make you feel like a woman. The gold keeps everything feeling festive, but could just as easily fancy up a dinner outfit, with just a pair of jeans and a vest top and blazer. 
This clutch is a lot more peachy than the other items, which I personally think adds a bit of variety to the outfit without going too drastic, pulling in all the elements nicely and just the right size for all your partying essentials. 
I hope you like it?
If anyone else wants to enter click here, and the closing date is the 17th of December 2012. 

As a side note, I'm so excited about Christmas you'd swear I was 5. 

Happy Saturday x