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December 24, 2012

What a LUSH Christmas so far.

Ah I haven't blogged in a while! I'm sure everyone has been very busy too this holiday?
Well, Merry Christmas Eve! So exciting :)
I just thought I'd do a little post about something I got from the boy for Christmas, we did ours early because when we're home from uni we live 5 hours away from each other!

I think I'm probably the last person on the bloggersphere ever to have oodles of Lush goodies, but I finally got some bits! He bought me a Christmas gift box, where you choose 3 different items to put in it. As it was a gift I'm not sure how much it was but I'm sure it's on the website?

So here's my box...

How cute is it?! I just love it. Lush do have an eye for appearance don't they. The ribbon was wrapped on it properly in a bow but I had to open it straight away!

It came wrapped in lovely star embossed paper too! The three little goodies I got were So White, Snowcake soap and Melting Snowman.

So cute! This little guy is sadly no longer with us, if you follow me on Instagram you'll have seen already that he has passed on to Snowman heaven. He smelt gorgeous though, a mixture of cinnamon, clove, patchouli, benzoin, lime and sweet wild orange oils. It is a mix of bath melt and bath fizz, so it dissolves and fizzes up but doesn't go crazy in the bath. It has Shea butter in it too so it's very moisturising and left me feeling very soft! I'm pretty sure that's real chocolate too - bit odd - but I'm not complaining! Until next year Snowman...

So white - this is a crazy little thing! It goes mental when you drop it in, whizzing all over the place. Great fun. Even if you don't like bath bombs, it's worth it just for that. I'm such a child!
It smells like apples... mmmmm.

Snowcake soap. I haven't used this one yet but it''s covered in gold glitter! I'm going to be all sparkly and glimmering like a goddess. I can't seem to find this one online, unless it just comes in this shape at Christmas? Confused. The box is all the way upstairs, so I'll let you know the smell when I use it! Lazy oaf.

How cute. I actually miss the snowman, I feel like I've killed him.

Also, once you throw it in, it practically explodes and turns the water pink!


Love x

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