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March 30, 2013


Ah I love events. I feel so lucky that recently I seem to be able to go to so many different things, it's amazing what this little space on the internet can do. Thank you to all of you, who take the time to read my ramblings and look at my photos, it means a lot. 

Benefit is one of my favorite make up brands, so when I found out they were having a launch for their new product Fake Up I jumped at the chance to go along.
The event itself was so gorgeously planned, they had a table that was decorated with all things pink; wine glasses, marshmallow wafers, party rings, the lot. It was like a pretty pink tea party. I felt like I was 6 again and was loving it.

There was only 10 of us there, including my little sweet Justine, and the lovely Georgia 'Poppy', who brought along her babe of a little sister, so it was really nice to just have a good ol' gossip about girly things. The hostesses (who were brilliant!) talked about the product and gave us a demonstration into how to use it, so here's the low down...

The concealer itself twists up like a lipstick, and has a hydrating ring around a concealer core. This is something I personally haven't seen in a concealer before, it hydrates the eye, helping to reduce the signs of ageing and crease lines under the eye. The formula is quite liquid in consistency (although it is in solid form if that makes any sense?), so it glides on effortlessly in one swoop giving a light but buildable coverage. It can then be blended using your ring finger, or a brush if you prefer, and leaves a soft lightening look on the skin. The girls suggested that you not only swoop it under the eye, but also just above the brow to add a lifting effect and overall brightness to the eye area. Dream product much?!

After the demo, we were given a little quiz on some of their products. As you may know, each product has it's own tag line - such as Hoola bronzer; "Barbados in a box" - and we had to guess which tag line went with which product. I did surprisingly well which is always good! We then all won a little prize - a sample size tube of Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW foundation and a mini pot of It's Potent! eye cream. WIN. 

We were then all given a lemon, and were very confused as we were instructed to draw a line around the centre. All made sense when we were handed the coveted POREfessional cream, and asked to smooth it on only one side of the line. Lemons have quite visible pores, and once the cream was applied, I was honestly quite shocked with the outcome. The cream had created a smoother feel to the skin, and made a visible difference in the size of the pores. If any of you have large pores, I suggest using this product as a primer before your foundation. Works a treat!

After this, it was game time. We were split into two teams, and each team had to ask our team leader - one of the lovely hostesses - yes or no questions to lead us to three hidden Fake Up products amongst the Benefit stand, and then run around like headless chickens trying to find them! Whoever found one - and one of them was me! - won a prize, and seeing as I already had a Fine One One, I chose the beautiful Thrrrrob blusher! YAYYY. It's such a beautiful rose pink, so I'll try and get a review on that up soon.
Do any of you have Thrrrob? (I think it has been discontinued now :( waah!)

The night didn't even stop there, we were given free range over the stand, so everyone was testing and swatching the beloved products, and I even got my eyebrows done with the wonderful Brow Zings in Light. I definitely want this now! And had some of my favorite Hoola swooshed onto my face. 
What a perfect event right!?

Thank you so much to Benefit for hosting such a great event, I cannot wait for the next one!

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend? Also, what are your thoughts on the new blog design? 
Love x

March 29, 2013


Bristol Fashion Week was such a rush, but I did manage to snap a few detail shots on the day, just so you can get an idea of what went on. We were greeted with champagne and cupcakes, which is always a bonus, and waited in the show room before the show. The stage set up was fantastic, it didn't feel like we were in a massive gazebo outside.
The Body Shop handled all of the makeup, which was lovely, and they had concession stands around the mall to go and have a mooch around, so overall it was a wonderful and exciting few hours.

As always there was a sea of bloggers, so it was lovely to meet some more of you and chit chat about fashion stuffs. 

This is the lovely Lorna from Raindrops of Sapphire, you can check out her blog post on the event here. Isn't she cute?!

March 25, 2013


I'm feeling a little lost in blog world at the moment. I don't really think I've found my 'style' yet, so bare with me, there will be some changes and experimentation, until I find my feet x


These have probably been circulating for a while. But I just think they're stunning.

Images from Topshop.

March 22, 2013


What a fantastic show! If you follow me on twitter (@vicki_louise) or Instagram (@vickilouise2) you'll know that Bristol have just hosted their official live blogging show at the Mall in Cribbs Causeway - and what a spectacle it was!
I haven't been to the Mall show before, only Cabot, so I was so excited to say the least, especially as I managed to bag myself a blogger pass to the show. Result.
I went along with my lovely blogger friends and uni pals Natasha and Beth, and met the gorgeous Justine there, mooched around the shops and stalls to finally collect our passes and go on in to the show.
The show itself, much like Cabot Circus, showcases looks from stores within the mall, John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, River Island and the likes, so right up my street as I'm definitely a high street girl.

Here's some snaps of the show, see if you can spot your favorite SS trend!

The opening was fantastic, and none other than Bond themed. I love me a bit of Bond.

More on this tomorrow...
What's your favorite??

Disclaimer - All of these images have been taken and edited by me, if you wish to use them, please credit back to this site, thanks!

PS - Not sure why Lingeire and Swimwear have decided to blur.... I'll fix it tomorrow :)


Just a quick post today, so much to do before Bristol Fashion Week later! Here are some things I'm swooning over in UO at the moment. Pay day please hurry.
So excited for the show! If you're going I hope I get to meet you! Right... now to finally decide on what to wear....

March 20, 2013


Images from Yayer
Yayer is an uber cool brand. They're like the British NastyGal, or the edgier Motel. I came across their site at work today and felt inspired to do a little trend post. I've added in some editorial work to these images that I took from the Yayer website, what do you think?
So this could be the start of a new 'thing' that I'll do on my blog, 'THE EDIT', so do let me know your thoughts!
Technically.... this isn't Yayer's official lookbook, but rather the websites slideshow banner images, but there were more images to use than the actual lookbook, plus I just loved the grungy vintage vibe to the selection.

Monochrome is still massive. I think you'd had to have literally fallen off the planet if you hadn't noticed. It's everywhere.The use of monochrome in these images works so well, and shows off the brands 'I don't give a f*ck, I'm cool' vibe. In my opinion that is.

90's inspiration is seeping through this season too, lots of high ponytails, Lennon style sunnies, rolled up hems and crop tops. Think Saved by the bell, and you'll be fine. Team high waisted bottom halves with cropped top halves, stick to few colours, or whack in a bold, bright print for the Fresh Prince feel too.

Colour hasn't been forgotten though, oh no. Neon is still roaming around, and colour blocking is working its way back in... so there is always a way for everyone to stay 'on-trend' if that's what you're after. Personally I'm not overly fussed about having something in the latest trend, but if I like it, I'll get it. I try not to confine myself to trend restrictions, yet every now and then I do find my self being sucked in. But there's nothing wrong with that... Plus when you're a highstreet shopper, it's pretty hard to avoid. Whatever the trend is, you're sure to get smacked in the face with it the second you walk in Primark.

What's your favorite trend at the moment? I have to admit I am loving monochrome, it's just so versatile and wearable.
Anyone going to Bristol Fashion Week!? If you are, I'll see you there! Hopefully I'll get to meet some more lovely bloggers and see some lovely clothes being strutted down the catwalk. Whilst resisting the urge to extend my overdraft... again.

Happy Wednesday 

Disclaimer - Yayer didn't ask me to write this. I just thought they were cool.

March 18, 2013


Silk top - Charity shop
Blazer - New Look
Shirt and tights - Primark
Chelsea boots - So You Shoes
Earrings - Primark
Bracelets -Topshop, gift from Thailand, gifts.
Necklace - Topshop
Happy St. Patrick's day for yesterday lovelies! Did everyone have a good day/eve? As you may know I'm half Irish and was born over there, so I love St. Paddy's day!
I've decided to delve into the world of outfit posts, so I thought yesterday being a 'holiday' where everyone dresses in a lot of green and shamrocks would be fitting. I find photos of myself quite daunting, I'm quite a self-conscious person, but now, I've decided to just accept that this is how I look! So here ya go.
This top is something I picked up in a charity shop a while back for something ridiculous like £1.50. Barg. Its a loose box cut so sits nice as something you can just throw on, yet the silk fabric makes it feel a bit more special.

Barry M - 299 Racing Green & Del Sol - Island Fever
This weekend has been manic.
Saturday, if you're near Bristol you may know that they had a 48hr Fashion Fix where there were pop up shows outside participating Cabot stores such as Harvey Nics, Bank, Miss Selfridge etc. It was such a long day, the shows ran from 11am until 6pm and even though they were only around 2 minutes long with 20 minutes between each one, I was very sleepy by the end. And slightly frozen.
Throughout the day I was assisting renowned photographer Andre Regini who was the official snapper for Cabot. So each show was a rush of adrenaline for a solid 2 minutes whilst I switched in and out heavy, ridiculously expensive cameras. I didn't get to take any of my own photos which is a shame, but I did snap a few Instagrams if you want to have a look.
I then went along to the blogger after party in Picolinos (omg the best food ever) but couldn't stay long because I had work. Boo. I met some lovely bloggers and saw some of the lovely girls that came to the #bbmeet and got to chow down on the most incredible calamari and pizza. Mmmm.

March 11, 2013


Happy Monday morning everyone! YAWN.

I'm not really sure what I'm writing about today, I haven't blogged in a little while so I feel like I should get to it but I just don't feel all that inspired on this freezing morning. Ergh.
I've recently started working again, so I'm out Friday and Saturday nights until around 1.15am.. so by the time I get home and wind down it's silly o'clock in the morning. So it's fair to say my body clock has been well and truly buggered.
Plus, I've been trying to eat really healthily and go to the gym loads, so with all of that put together, I feel rather cream cracker-ed.

So whats new?
1. I'm sitting at my desk at uni at the moment, trying to decide which of the million tasks I need to do, need to be done first, I've been here since 9 and I still don't feel awake! Need. More. Coffee.

2. I've been working on some editorial spreads for my portfolio which has gone down pretty well. I know I want to work in fashion editorial, I just don't know what area or specific title I want. Hmm. I love photography, and putting together an image along with thinking about how it looks on the page. I want to be the one who goes to the shows, works on shoots and gets to live the crazy fast paced lifestyle visiting Paris, Milan and New York in my Minolo's. One day...

Black and white image of Chanel sign in New York

3. Benefit are hosting an event on the 28th of this month which I'll be popping along too, so expect to see a post on that.

Collection image of Benefit products

4. Bristol fashion week is looming.

"Bristol Fashion Week is back with its stylish combination of 18 catwalk fashion shows, pamper sessions and style advice giving you the essential fashion edit of the new season trends and colours as well as the ultimate 'girly' treat."

Okay so it's not quite LFW, but still it's pretty cool. It's held at the Cribbs Causeway Mall, and will showcase SS'13 collections in the latest trends sweeping the stores. The massive shopping destination has over 135 stores with over 500 brands to choose from, and it's all over 2 floors and has a wide range of restaurants and caf├ęs to keep you busy so it should be a great event.
I've managed to bag myself a blogger pass (win) for the Friday, to attend the 'live blogging event' where myself and a bunch of other bloggers blog about the show as it happens for everyone to see! (say blog enough in one sentence?!) So that should be really fun! I'm trying to decide what to wear, maybe I'll instagram some ideas?

"Want to join in? Follow @mallcribbs on twitter and include #BFWSS13 in your tweets"

Image of Bristol Fashion Week catwalk 2012
BFW '12
5. Lastly, I met the lovely Joanna Valmai Wills. She's a stylist who's recently gone freelance and she's super cool. She works with 1883 magazine and has built up a very impressive portfolio of work. 
Her advice? Don't be afraid to work for free. Assist as much as you can. Don't be scared to approach people and tell them who you are and what you do. If you don't put yourself out there, you'll get left behind, fashion doesn't wait for you.

Editorial image styled by Joanna Valmai Wills

Disclaimer - None of the featured brands or people have asked/sponsored me to write this post. It's purely a catch up on what I'm getting up too.