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December 06, 2012

Pandora challenge ~ John Greed Jewellery.

I accidentally came across this challenge earlier, and nearly cried when I saw the closing date was yesterday! However, I then noticed that it has been extended until tomorrow! YAYY. Had to give it a go.
The challenge has been set by John Greed Jewellery, and is to create your perfect Pandora bracelet up to the value of £250, blog about it, and if you win, you get the bracelet you designed. Amazing.
So here's mine...
Single woven brown leather and silver starter bracelet, 19cm - £40.
Red faceted murano glass charm x2 - £35 each.
Acapu wood charm x2 - £25 each.
Silver and orange enamel zen charm - £45.
Silver tyres spacer charm x2 - £15 each.
Total - £235
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What do you think?
I'm so in love with my design. It is me to a T. I chose to design the overall aesthetic of the bracelet how I would like it to look once on, so rather than just picking lots of different charms, I've gone with repetition to keep it looking slick. I just adore natural looking jewellery, weirdly I'd pick something that's wooden and rusty looking over something pure gold or silver! So that's why I have gone for the leather bracelet. I have had my eye on this for a long time now, so this could be my chance! I love pretty much any jewellery with wooden accents, so I had to go for the Acapu wood beads. I think they keep the earthy, boho theme of the bracelet in check, and by placing them equally away from the centre bead, balance out the whole look. Ah I just love it. This red, or Oxblood, is my absolute favourite colour, as you may be able to tell by my blog page and I genuinely (if it didn't make me look like a walking grape) would wear it head to toe. The faceted cut of this bead will catch the light beautifully, and give the bracelet a subtle sparkle which is just enough for me as I don't consider myself to be much of an 'out there bling' person. I chose the zen bead as I like to try and keep my life calm and balanced. I'm a strong believer in Karma and am a very spiritual person so this bead suits me well. I went for the orange as it is kind of a burnt tone, that complements the red and the wood really well and the spacer beads at each end will keep everything together. I chose quite simple beads, as I don't like my jewellery to be too over done so to speak, I like to keep things fun, but with a boho, natural vibe. I hope you like it!

Have you entered? If so leave your blog address in the comments box so I can see? I'd love to see what others have designed!

If you haven't entered but would like to, go to this page to get the full details, but hurry! Ends tomorrow. Good luck :) x

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