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December 10, 2012

Soap & Glory. The righteous butter.

This is a sample size (50ml) of 'The righteous butter' from Soap & Glory, a rich moisturizer for very dry skin. I do have it in full size (300ml) but I thought I would photograph the smaller one because it hasn't been used yet and looks a lot cleaner!

The righteous butter.
£10.50 for full size 300ml.
Sample size was part of a gift set of minis.

I cannot rave about this product enough. It is really thick and creamy so it glides on the skin really well and slowly soaks in leaving you feeling velvety soft and dewy. It does take a little while to soak in, so probably not the best if you're heading out in a hurry. I tend to put ridiculous amounts on at a time though, so I guess you can vary how much you put on depending on how much time you have. I started using this a few years ago when I went on holiday to Malaga with the girls, I think I was given it as a present so I brought it along to save my skin in the heat. I tend to use it after a shower or bath, putting quite a thick layer on all over (so it's still slightly white) and just lay in my towel for an hour or so while i read a mag, or have a nap, just to let it really soak in and do its job. It contains Shea butter and Aloe Vera, so leaves your skin feeling gorgeous and refreshed, and not too slippy either which is good!
The smell is incredible I think, I just love it. It is scented with their 'Original Pink' fragrance, which is a blend of orange leaf, lemon, peach, sweet strawberries, summer rose, gardenia blooms and jasmine. Just a few things! It is gorgeous. It smells like being on holiday.
I don't have too many Soap & Glory products, but I am a big fan. I really love the packaging too, and the quirky puns they use as titles for each one - The righteous butter, The righteous brothers, get it?! Haha. They have others like 'Pulp friction' and 'Love at first blush'. Brilliant.
The 'pin up' vibe to their branding is just gorgeous too, and the pastel pinks and creams let you instantly recognise them.
They've started doing a cosmetics range as well (quite a while ago now I believe) but I'm yet to try anything.
Have you tried any of their makeup range? Do you like this product?
Let me know in the comments!

Ta Ta x


  1. Lovely review! I've not tried this yet but I need to.
    I love their Thick & Fast Mascara, I don't buy anything else anymore, it's amazing!!

    Jesss xo

    1. Aw thank you :) yea you should it's gorgeous!
      Ooo I haven't tried that, I'll keep a look out for it, thanks :)

  2. I have half a 300ml tub of this, a full 1ltr tub (with sparkles!) and another 300ml tub in my xmas special 'The best of all' I got in the boots offer... could say I'm a fan!

    As for the cosmetics, got quite a lot of those, too. Anything in particular you were thinking of trying that you wanted to know about? In general, I love the range, really hope they carry on expanding it (and boots keep putting it in 3 for 2 so I can keep justifying buying it!)

    1. Sparkles!? O.M.G I need this! Haha you really are a true fan :)

      Erm, I'm not to sure really, just thought I need to have a dabble! Do they have any decent concealers? As in, cover every tiny blob on my face decent? My skin has gone crazy recently! Sad times.

      Thanks for the comment love x

    2. It's still available online. It's £25 but it's one ltr so when you consider the 300ml is £10.50 it works out a saving and is sometimes in 3 for 2, too. The sparkles are only a very gentle shimmer but I'm absolutely in love with it.

      Their 'kick ass concealer' is one of my must have items. It has two shades, one for under eye coverage, one for blemishes plus it has a pressed setting powder and it all comes in a little compact. I use it almost every day, got it for my birthday in feb and not reached the pan yet. As to covering every single blob, who can say, our faces are all different. But it's definitely Really Really good and it makes a Huge difference to my skin. It's one of those items that if you don't have time for full face makeup, which I rarely do, you can get away with just that and still look pretty good.

      I've also just bought the collection 2000 concealer in a tube that bloggers seem to rave about. Not tried it yet but hoping, if it's as good as they say, that between that and my kick ass concealer I may have the best skin yet.

      I rarely use foundation, by the way, mostly just work with concealer as best I can, just not a fan of stuff on my whole face.

      No problem, sorry for the essay long reply. Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading :) xx

  3. I love this so much too, I've only ever had a small tub but I definitely need to get the full size! <3

    Jennie xo |

    1. Thanks for the comment :) yea do, so worth it! xx