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November 05, 2012

Salon Creative.

I've never really been that into face wash and masks etc, but I guess I've just been quite lucky with my skin. Although now I'm starting to get the odd spot and blemish here and there, and have the worst under-eye bags ever. It's like I haven't slept in years, but I sleep loads... I think the bags are just something I'll have to learn to love! Er yea... Great.
So I've decided it's time to start looking after my skin a bit better, because I do wear makeup everyday so it's bound to clog up if I don't regularly deep clean it. (Don't get me wrong I do clean my face regularly! I have a set of eye-makeup remover, cleanser, toner and moisturizer that I use - I'll do a post on them maybe?)
Also, I'm not one to be blessed in the bank account department, so I'm trying out a few cheaper brands to see how they do, most of the time I find that cheaper versions of things have pretty much exactly the same things in as top name brands, you're just paying for the name really. But everyone loves a good brand at times, and I'm definitely one. But for now... It's a trip to Family Bargains.

Apricot Facial Scrub - Blemish control. £0.99
"Gently lifts off impurities and dead skin cells to reveal newer looking skin. With Vitamin E."
I'm not so sure on this. It smells amazing, so fruity and apricot-y (that could be a word right?), and has little micro beads in to clean away the dead bits on your face. It lathers up just slightly when you use it with warm water, which feels really nice, but I found that the micro beads are a little too scratchy! They're actually quite painful. I didn't expect that as other face scrubs I have used in the past have never been too bad - although they do have beads in that you can definitely feel, none of them have been quite this rough - so I'd gone in all guns blazing and whacked a load on my face and scrubbed away. Needless to say I won't be doing that again! I'll be much more gentle from now on. Saying that though it did leave my face feeling really soft and baby-bum like, which is just what you want from a scrub. As for the blemish control, I've only used it twice, so we will have to wait and see!

Oriental Clay Mask - Green tea and jasmine. £0.99
"A gentle but deep cleansing clay face mask suitable for regular and sensitive skin types."
Again I'm not completely sold on this either. I have quite sensitive skin on my face so generally I should be quite careful about what I choose to put on it. I can't use Clearasil's blackhead wash because it just burns the crap out of my face. But this one says it's okay for us sensitive types so I thought I'd give it a go. And at 99p it's not going to be the end of the world if I really don't like it..
It goes on really lovely and silky, nice and easy to apply and doesn't go very solid like a lot of other face masks which is nice, it means you can still actually move your face. Yet maybe it's just my face, but it was quite stingy on my skin. Although it did smell really nice and had that freshening feeling to it like when you use a minty product which woke me up a little, yet I was planning on a wind down! Despite the stingy-ness, I left it on for the full 10 minutes (you can leave it for up to 15) and then washed it off with warm water. My skin was a tad red, but it did feel super soft and lovely so I guess it did the trick. 
I'm not going to dismiss it just yet, my skin could have been having 'one of those days'. I'll keep you informed.

I hope you're having a lovely bonfire night! Unfortunately I was in all evening doing uni work :( but there's plenty going on outside my window!

Happy Monday, have the best week x