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August 20, 2012

Black and Gold

Went for a cheeky shop today and thought I'd do my first outfit post! Not sure if I like the photos but I thought it's a start I guess.. Picked up these amazing shoes at a shop called Shoeholics in Kingston - love them - I've been looking for the right pair of slipper shoes for a while now and haven't been able to get some that WOW'd me without breaking my purse, but when I saw these I was decided. The added faux fur makes them feel that bit more expensive to which is always a nice touch.
Also picked up this top from Primark but I'm not entirely convinced - you can't quite see on the picture but the front is a sort of leather look with small holes all over and the back is just plain in a t-shirt shape. I like it but I think I might swap it for a bigger size so it's baggier and more over sized rather than fitted. Other than that, I picked up a few other bits that I'll post on tomorrow :)
Happy Monday x

August 19, 2012

Colour fix no.2

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Mint green. Such a summery colour don't you think? The weather has been amazing this weekend! I've decided I really want those sequin shorts, they are just gorgeous and can be worn both during the day and jazzed up for a night out too, which is always a bonus. I think this colour is perfect for the hot sun, yet can easily transition into Autumn with some added neutral browns and boots, or even just in the accessories.
I feel like I'm babbling, so I'm just going to keep this one short.
Happy weekend all :)

August 17, 2012

Instagram part two

1. Pretty rose :)

2. Newquay beach

3. Yummy fish and chips. Bye bye diet...

4. On a beach in Cornwall - not quite as sunny as I'd hoped!

5.  Just a little bit of uni work to take home :/ just borrowed the trolley... haha

6. Rusty chains at the Falmouth harbour

7. Cave hunting!

8. Camping - this was so much fun! But not without it's challenges. We went quite late so it was already dark by the time we found the spot, and we had to trek through a muddy woods to get there just using the light off our phones! It was so scary! Then Matthew put up the tent while I did the most important job of holding the light :) It was so lovely to have the sea just down the road so we could hear the waves - and the rain. Ah well.

9. Cocktails with my stunt team - I miss cheer.

10. Taking Matthew out on the bike - he makes me look tiny being all 'stigged' up

11. Bye bye uni jungle garden

12. Meerkats at Newquay zoo!

13. Mummy and me at Box Hill

14. Portfolio peek, end of year 2!

15. Yours truely posing like a pro

16. Mumma again, such a babe.

August 16, 2012

Golden spirit

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How amazing was the closing ceremony of the Olympics?! I thought it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the celebration of fashion section, where we saw the like of Britain's top of the top models, strutting their stuff along the catwalk through the mammoth stadium. Vogue (of course) has done this fantastic shoot of all the models in their most amazing gowns, shot by Nick Knight, this shoot is nothing less than Vogue's outstanding standard.
I have to say, as lavish as they all are, my favourite has to be the Victoria Beckham worn by Georgia May Jagger. It is something I would 100% consider wearing out on the town or for my next birthday. The others are absolutely incredible though, don't get me wrong, I'm just saying this is one I would actually feel comfortable to wear out. Although saying that, I would love to slip into one of those gowns, even if only for an hour, just to feel like a princess!
Metallic is such a wonderful trend at the moment, and gold is one of those colours, where if worn right, can make you look and feel expensive and classic. Yet if done wrong you could resemble more of an MC Hammer than a goddess. And nobody wants that.

I'm in the process of moving house at the moment, so things are a little all over the place. I apologise in advance if my posting isn't quite as regular.

Other news... hmmm.. I've started on my 'homework' for uni which is pretty much a report on what I want to do for my final project - which is make a magazine - so I've been researching like a crazy woman trying to decide which angle I want to go down. I'm so excited to start actually making it as it's been a passion of mine for a few years now. The first two years have been more of 'a bit of everything', but now, in my third year, it's time to focus in on what it is I want to do. So fingers crossed it translates well out of my head and onto that gorgeous glossy book.

I hope you're having a lovely week. Happy Thursday!

Ps.. Check out my Tumblr for more editorial inspiration x

August 07, 2012

Skull creation

Skull vest - Bleach painted by me. Cross bracelet - Topshop. Bead bracelet - Thailand. Cardigan - New Look. Ring - Newquay.
Over Summer I've been reading a lot of DIY blogs, so when I came across this one on the amazing 'A Beautiful Mess' I had to give it a go. My boyfriend and I actually made them together! How cute haha. I was in Cornwall at the time, so shopping isn't the easiest of things as my boyfriend seems to live miles away from anywhere - but we managed to get into Falmouth for an hour or so to this giant bit-of-everything shop Trago. I couldn't find a single black t-shirt in the women's section so I settled on a men's vest in L so that it would sit baggy. Not the greatest fit but it was o.k for a first attempt.
It took me ages to decide on what to put on my tee, after spending ages trawling through online shops like Asos, Topshop, River Island... I found one on Urban Outfitters that I really liked. So I thought why not do my own version of it, for a fraction of the price - in fact the vest cost me just £3! Barg.
The actual print is made by painting straight onto the top with fabric safe bleach - I just used a Sainsbury's own - and leaving it out in the sun for about 40-60 minutes (or until you get the colour you like as it gets whiter over time).
All you have to do after that is rinse it, then hand wash it, let it dry and you're good to go!

I'm definitely going to make some more of these soon.
I hope you like it. Have a good week :) If you like my posts, please follow xx

August 06, 2012

Enchanted creature

Pleather shift dress - Primark. Feather necklace - Topshop. Eyelashes - Topshop. Earrings/Nose ring - Model's own.
Dress - Rare. Boots - Internationale. Headband made from Fabric scraps from Fabric Land. Eyelashes - Topshop.
Snake print tee in Purple, Gold and Orange - Made by me MissV. Louise. Leggins - Primark. Heels - Office.
All photography and styling has been done by me. Please do not take without permission.
This is a photo shoot I did a little while back for my uni project. My model was absolutely fantastic - Sharmilla - so many thanks to you! She's off to China for a year to teach, so best of luck, my camera and I will miss you.
Not much has been going on really, most of my friends are at work in the week so because I'm just temping over Summer I've been really bored. So apologies for not having anything overly exciting to say!
If you like my photos please let me know, I'm looking to do some more fashion shoots some also, so if you think you have a good look and would be around Bristol from September do give me a shout!
Have a little cheeky click on the follow button too? Thanks ;) x

Also, as you may have seen from the image caption, the snake tee's have been made by me. I have another 10 for sale that I will be putting up here soon, so stay tuned if you're interested.
Happy Monday xx

August 05, 2012

Colour fix no.1

I ended up going on a spontaneous night out last night so am feeling a little worse for wear today.. I was the only girl out because I'm such a trooper haha but it was a really fun night.
Today's post is a random one I guess, as my head is a bit all over the place I decided to do a colour fix. Every shop I go in I seem to be drawn to things in this colour. I absolutely love it. I find it works well with pretty much any neutral colour, as well as mint green and pale pastels, and works for skirts, shirts, jeans, accessories you name it. If I didn't look like a walking grape I'd wear it head to toe.
Actually saying that, I have it on my toe nails right now! Obsessed.
Just a quick post because my eyes are starting to fall asleep. Hope you've had a lovely weekend :) xx