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October 21, 2013



So recently I've been a little naughty and updated my makeup collection a little... Starting with these beauties.

Mac Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation in NW20 - if I'm honest, this isn't what I meant to get. I actually wanted the Studio Fix foundation, not the powder version, but when this arrived I decided to give it a go anyway. My skin seems to have transitioned towards one of an oily nature in the past few months, especially around my chin and t-zone, so a powder finish is probably just what the doctor ordered. 
It comes in a really sweet compact, just like the bronzers, with a secret compartment to house a lovely little face puff/sponge. I still use foundation and concealer first, and then dab this around my face to set everything and stop my base sliding away during the day. I do like the consistency of it, but I find it looks a little paler than its liquid foundation sister. Overall, I like it. Not too sure if I would re-purchase just yet, but it has become part of my normal everyday makeup routine, so we will see. Have you used this? What do you think?

Mac Bronzing Powder in Bronze - I love these bronzers. I finally got around to re-purchasing this one and it has quickly found it's way back into the everyday collection. Once I have used the powder, I then go over again with Rimmel Clear Complexion powder and then get bronzing. I use it all over my face to add a little glow, and then go back and contour on top to add some definition to my cheek bones and forehead. I use a Real Techniques blusher brush to apply it, and then if I need to, I'll contour with their contour brush, which applies the colour really evenly on the skin. I don't find them overly pigmented, but you don't have to use loads either, its just the right amount of product versus visible colour. What do you think?

To finish this look I added some They're Real to my lashes and swiped on some Burberry Lip Velvet in Bright Poppy to my lips. You like?

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October 18, 2013


Okay, I'm going to hold my hands up and say I do love a bit of Primark every now and then. We all do, so stop fibbing. Once you can get past the jumble sale feel and the vast amount of tat, you can find some awesome pieces that you'd swear were a lot more expensive then they are, you just have to look a little harder. Their Autumn/Winter stuff is really strong this year I think, they have some amazing knitwear and lots of really cool accessory bits to transition into the colder months; like scarves, hats and boots. I have always been a fan of their jewellery too, well, not all of it, a large amount of it is not to my taste at all, but there are the occasional gems that I'm all over.

Like these rings I found in the last few weeks. The top image came together in a set for less than a fiver, and I practically ripped them off the shelf when I saw them. It's not common that I find a set of rings that I like all of, but each ring in this set is designed just to my taste. I tend to wear the pyramid one on its own on my forefinger, and then wear the other three together across two hands, I love the chunky-ness of them and the rustic silver and black colouring. Don't you? The petrol looking one is pretty awesome too, and makes quite a statement with its bold shape and textured finish. 

The second image is another great little find. I love the colours and the shield like shape to it. The size of it makes my fingers feel all dainty, which is always a plus. For Primark it has quite a lot of detail which I find quite unusual, it's normally all faded or badly pressed, but this one came out all Topshop-y. Do you agree?

I think rings are my favorite type of jewellery, closely followed by earrings. Anyone who knows me will back this up! It's turning into quite the obsession... I like rings to be big and chunky, rusted metal and maybe some sort of gemstone encased. Sort of boho/eclectic style. Perfect. 

What's your favorite type of jewellery? Do you get yours from Primark too? Fell free to leave a comment on what you think, I love to have a natter!

October 17, 2013


Well isn't that an attractive pose right there? Ha! I'd thought I'd show you some of the new sunnies in my life... I seem to have a thing for sunglasses, my collection has grown quite a lot this year, and just because it's getting colder and colder, it doesn't mean these babies have to take a back seat. After all, it doesn't have to be warm to be bright, right?The top pair are a little gem I found in Topshop when I went for a girly shopping trip to Kensington with my friend. I love big frames (not entirely because they make my face look slimmer, honest...) and ones that have a little character to them. I'm not overly adventurous when it comes to clothing, so I like to make my mark when it comes to accessories, naturally these beauties found their way to the till before I had even realised I had taken out my purse. They're tortoise shell, and have a thick, slightly eyebrow-looking frame, held together with a gold nose bar and I simply adore them. When I wear them, I feel like a celeb or something, hiding away behind a slightly ombre brown lens. What do you think? I find the shape quite flattering, and having quite a rounded face, any given structure is a must.
The second pair were a slight impulse buy. I had gone to Bristol, and stupidly left the Topshop guys on the back seat of the car back home before I left. If I am honest, I had gone out whilst in Bristol, and then had a day of shopping with a friend the day after, and I wanted to hide the evidence under my eyes. 
I popped in to Aldo, just for a browse and came across these. Feeling nostalgic over my forgotten shades, I ended up back at the till. Oops. Raybans have always been popular, and I've always admired wayfarers on other people, but I've always thought they were a little too small for my face. These similar shaped ones are a little bigger, and have a thin frame, around the bottom half which I really like. Again, they are tortoise shell - I see a pattern emerging here - but I think the blend of browns and blacks make this style more wearable. Thoughts? The only thing that annoys me ever so slightly about these are those annoying, plastic nose bits. I know they're there to help them stay on your face but I find them so irritating, and always the first things to break of go skew wiff. Ah well, I can cope because the rest of them is just so darn lovely.
What shape do you go for?

October 07, 2013


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Today has been awful. I'm sitting here feeling sorry for myself as I seem to have caught some form of evil flu type thing. Wonderful. 
I wanted to blog about something really awesome today, but all inklings of inspiration just flew out of the window the second my butt hit the sofa after work. Ergh. 
So instead, I saw this image in the archives of my iPad, amongst things that I save whenever I'm having a net browse. How cool is it though? I'm always trying to think about interesting ways to take photos of things, especially product shots. This is very simple, but so chic and sophisticated. Plus the nail varnish is Chanel. Need I say more?
I'm sorry I don't know the person who took this, if you know, or it was you, please do let me know. You creative genius you. 

October 06, 2013


St. Tropes Naturals tanning lotion

I love being tanned, but if I'm honest, I'm a lazy miss when it comes to applying the fake stuff. Gradual tanners are a great idea, they don't turn you orange and you don't have to leg it if the slightest drop of rain falls like you do with instant tans (including Rimmel's "splash proof" instant tan - yeah that didn't work, cheers guys). But I do find them a bit of a pain. I always worry that I'll come out streaky, or have a random white patch somewhere that I missed on application, as most of the time these tans don't have a colour to them. This one is no exception, it's a thick, moisturising cream that goes on clear just like a moisturiser. So you have make sure you really do cover everywhere to avoid embarrassment. White backs of the knee anyone? No thanks. This one is luxurious, it's not as thin as its Johnson's competitor, so feels really soft on your skin.
I'm probably the only girl on the planet that actually likes the smell of fake tan, and this one smells so good. Well, it has that distinct gradual tan smell, but is not as 'rusk bar' smelling as the Johnson's one, so maybe not to everyone's taste, but it's ever so slightly cocoa buttery from what I remember.
Being a St. Tropez tan, I had high hopes on the result, and I wasn't left disappointed when the colour came out lovely the next morning. It didn't come out very dark, just a subtle hint of brown, which is perfect for a sun kissed glow. It's easily buildable, do you can use it every other day if you want to be really tanned, or every few days to top up. The only down side for me, is that it takes so long to dry. I was literally standing like a weirdo in my room, shaking my limbs about for half an hour and I still felt tacky. Quite annoying, but probably due to it being so thick and scrumptious. But hey, you win some and loose some right? 

I'm currently chilling on the mega bus, having a whale of a time listening to Mylo Xyloto on repeat. Note to self: add some more music to iPad. Ive been in Bristol since Friday evening and am already missing it. It's the best city in England, a bold statement coming from someone who's a tube away from central London, but I just love it. Have you been? You should. It's awesome. 

October 02, 2013


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1// Long hair. 2// Hamsa hands. 3// Pretty flowers. 4// Statement sunglasses. 5// Cats. 6// Burgundy knit. 
7// Dreaming. 8// Coffee and tea. 9// Secret places. 10//Boho jewellery.

I wasn't sure what to post about today, so I've compiled a mood board of things that make me happy. I had quite a stressful day at work, so so busy all day, now I'm home I just need to unwind. All of these things make me smile.
I can't wait for my hair to grow again, I've always had long hair but since I bleached it (never.again), the ends became dead and scraggly so I had it cut. It's not short in the grand scheme of short hair, but it is for me. I've also re-dyed it dark again today - post on that soon - in an attempt to finally rid my locks of blonde remains. Hopefully this time it won't fade out to yellow again... We'll see. My hair just seems so boring at the moment, either that or it's just me being too lazy to attempt to make it look presentable at 6:30 in the morning before work... snore.

Oooh, I bought myself some new sunnies the other day in Topshop, in the hopes that they would bring the sun back out, but I love love love them. I'll have to snap a pick and get them up on here soon for you all to have a peep. Thinking about it, I've been a naughty little spender recently, so I do actually have quite a bit to photograph and post about. It's just finding the time to take shots whilst the sunlight is still existent that's the struggle. It's not great at all by the time I'm in from work so the weekends are my time to get going.
Speaking of weekends, I'm going back to Bristol this Friday (YAYAY!) to go and see (read: get very drunk with) my old work friends, and then stay the next night with bestie Tash from uni who I haven't seen in what feels like an absolute AGE. So I'm excited about that! I'll try and get some photos of various things//outfits//outings whilst I'm there to share with you all if ya like. Sure you would. You nosey parker, you.

As much as I love the sun, I do love Autumnal fashion. Chunky knitwear, in dark, neutral shades and layering to cover all the lumps and bumps we grow to 'stay warm in the winter'. Burgundy/maroon/claret is my favourite colour, and I'm so glad it is still in stores this Autumn after it went mental last year. I mean, how nice does it look against a grey jumper like in that image?! Snoods are a must have, and some sort faux fur. And of course a chunky boot with some sort of cut out and buckle, obviously. Quite excited that I now have an excuse to shop more, and a 'grown up job' to pay for it all.

My poor bank account is going to hate me. Ah well, "I deserve that top,and those shoes are essential"... right? At least that's what we all tell ourselves... Don't pretend you don't.

October 01, 2013


Here's a few snaps from the Dajana Basic launch. It was such a lovely evening with so much attention to detail that I'm already awaiting her the next collection -  rather impatiently I'll admit. Cocktail reception, sweet and savoury treats, Freya Rose shoes with floral detailing and hand written thank you notes inside every goody bag made out to each individual person. The whole evening felt like a fairytale. And the dresses... Oh those beautiful dresses. 
I always find it quite daunting going to events like this on my own, I'm not the best at walking up to someone and just saying hi. When I got there, I had no idea what to expect, who I would see and where the evening would go. Needless to say, I wasn't quite the only one who had rocked up on their lonesome. I met the lovely Zalak, a freelance stylist and the just as lovely blogger Jodie. It's always nice when you meet new people, networking and the lark is great fun when you get over the initial nerves. Plus, popping into a bowling bar in Russel Square with new pals for a drink after the show is always a plus, wouldn't you say?