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October 06, 2013


St. Tropes Naturals tanning lotion

I love being tanned, but if I'm honest, I'm a lazy miss when it comes to applying the fake stuff. Gradual tanners are a great idea, they don't turn you orange and you don't have to leg it if the slightest drop of rain falls like you do with instant tans (including Rimmel's "splash proof" instant tan - yeah that didn't work, cheers guys). But I do find them a bit of a pain. I always worry that I'll come out streaky, or have a random white patch somewhere that I missed on application, as most of the time these tans don't have a colour to them. This one is no exception, it's a thick, moisturising cream that goes on clear just like a moisturiser. So you have make sure you really do cover everywhere to avoid embarrassment. White backs of the knee anyone? No thanks. This one is luxurious, it's not as thin as its Johnson's competitor, so feels really soft on your skin.
I'm probably the only girl on the planet that actually likes the smell of fake tan, and this one smells so good. Well, it has that distinct gradual tan smell, but is not as 'rusk bar' smelling as the Johnson's one, so maybe not to everyone's taste, but it's ever so slightly cocoa buttery from what I remember.
Being a St. Tropez tan, I had high hopes on the result, and I wasn't left disappointed when the colour came out lovely the next morning. It didn't come out very dark, just a subtle hint of brown, which is perfect for a sun kissed glow. It's easily buildable, do you can use it every other day if you want to be really tanned, or every few days to top up. The only down side for me, is that it takes so long to dry. I was literally standing like a weirdo in my room, shaking my limbs about for half an hour and I still felt tacky. Quite annoying, but probably due to it being so thick and scrumptious. But hey, you win some and loose some right? 

I'm currently chilling on the mega bus, having a whale of a time listening to Mylo Xyloto on repeat. Note to self: add some more music to iPad. Ive been in Bristol since Friday evening and am already missing it. It's the best city in England, a bold statement coming from someone who's a tube away from central London, but I just love it. Have you been? You should. It's awesome. 

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