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October 02, 2013


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1// Long hair. 2// Hamsa hands. 3// Pretty flowers. 4// Statement sunglasses. 5// Cats. 6// Burgundy knit. 
7// Dreaming. 8// Coffee and tea. 9// Secret places. 10//Boho jewellery.

I wasn't sure what to post about today, so I've compiled a mood board of things that make me happy. I had quite a stressful day at work, so so busy all day, now I'm home I just need to unwind. All of these things make me smile.
I can't wait for my hair to grow again, I've always had long hair but since I bleached it (never.again), the ends became dead and scraggly so I had it cut. It's not short in the grand scheme of short hair, but it is for me. I've also re-dyed it dark again today - post on that soon - in an attempt to finally rid my locks of blonde remains. Hopefully this time it won't fade out to yellow again... We'll see. My hair just seems so boring at the moment, either that or it's just me being too lazy to attempt to make it look presentable at 6:30 in the morning before work... snore.

Oooh, I bought myself some new sunnies the other day in Topshop, in the hopes that they would bring the sun back out, but I love love love them. I'll have to snap a pick and get them up on here soon for you all to have a peep. Thinking about it, I've been a naughty little spender recently, so I do actually have quite a bit to photograph and post about. It's just finding the time to take shots whilst the sunlight is still existent that's the struggle. It's not great at all by the time I'm in from work so the weekends are my time to get going.
Speaking of weekends, I'm going back to Bristol this Friday (YAYAY!) to go and see (read: get very drunk with) my old work friends, and then stay the next night with bestie Tash from uni who I haven't seen in what feels like an absolute AGE. So I'm excited about that! I'll try and get some photos of various things//outfits//outings whilst I'm there to share with you all if ya like. Sure you would. You nosey parker, you.

As much as I love the sun, I do love Autumnal fashion. Chunky knitwear, in dark, neutral shades and layering to cover all the lumps and bumps we grow to 'stay warm in the winter'. Burgundy/maroon/claret is my favourite colour, and I'm so glad it is still in stores this Autumn after it went mental last year. I mean, how nice does it look against a grey jumper like in that image?! Snoods are a must have, and some sort faux fur. And of course a chunky boot with some sort of cut out and buckle, obviously. Quite excited that I now have an excuse to shop more, and a 'grown up job' to pay for it all.

My poor bank account is going to hate me. Ah well, "I deserve that top,and those shoes are essential"... right? At least that's what we all tell ourselves... Don't pretend you don't.

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