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October 18, 2013


Okay, I'm going to hold my hands up and say I do love a bit of Primark every now and then. We all do, so stop fibbing. Once you can get past the jumble sale feel and the vast amount of tat, you can find some awesome pieces that you'd swear were a lot more expensive then they are, you just have to look a little harder. Their Autumn/Winter stuff is really strong this year I think, they have some amazing knitwear and lots of really cool accessory bits to transition into the colder months; like scarves, hats and boots. I have always been a fan of their jewellery too, well, not all of it, a large amount of it is not to my taste at all, but there are the occasional gems that I'm all over.

Like these rings I found in the last few weeks. The top image came together in a set for less than a fiver, and I practically ripped them off the shelf when I saw them. It's not common that I find a set of rings that I like all of, but each ring in this set is designed just to my taste. I tend to wear the pyramid one on its own on my forefinger, and then wear the other three together across two hands, I love the chunky-ness of them and the rustic silver and black colouring. Don't you? The petrol looking one is pretty awesome too, and makes quite a statement with its bold shape and textured finish. 

The second image is another great little find. I love the colours and the shield like shape to it. The size of it makes my fingers feel all dainty, which is always a plus. For Primark it has quite a lot of detail which I find quite unusual, it's normally all faded or badly pressed, but this one came out all Topshop-y. Do you agree?

I think rings are my favorite type of jewellery, closely followed by earrings. Anyone who knows me will back this up! It's turning into quite the obsession... I like rings to be big and chunky, rusted metal and maybe some sort of gemstone encased. Sort of boho/eclectic style. Perfect. 

What's your favorite type of jewellery? Do you get yours from Primark too? Fell free to leave a comment on what you think, I love to have a natter!


  1. Oh,beautiful jewellery.I'm totally mesmerized by these kind of anthic rings.
    Cool photos

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  2. Hi Vicki !

    I love ur blog ! I like that triangular ring ,u wore that yesterday right ??

    And am such a bigggg fan of M.A.C !
    Keep the posts coming girl!

    1. Hello! Thank you lovely, I did! Thank you for stopping by, I'll be posting very soon! Hope you're well :) x

  3. Hey I love chunky rings too. The one in the second image is my favorite.

    1. Glad you like it :) thanks for stopping by! x