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October 17, 2013


Well isn't that an attractive pose right there? Ha! I'd thought I'd show you some of the new sunnies in my life... I seem to have a thing for sunglasses, my collection has grown quite a lot this year, and just because it's getting colder and colder, it doesn't mean these babies have to take a back seat. After all, it doesn't have to be warm to be bright, right?The top pair are a little gem I found in Topshop when I went for a girly shopping trip to Kensington with my friend. I love big frames (not entirely because they make my face look slimmer, honest...) and ones that have a little character to them. I'm not overly adventurous when it comes to clothing, so I like to make my mark when it comes to accessories, naturally these beauties found their way to the till before I had even realised I had taken out my purse. They're tortoise shell, and have a thick, slightly eyebrow-looking frame, held together with a gold nose bar and I simply adore them. When I wear them, I feel like a celeb or something, hiding away behind a slightly ombre brown lens. What do you think? I find the shape quite flattering, and having quite a rounded face, any given structure is a must.
The second pair were a slight impulse buy. I had gone to Bristol, and stupidly left the Topshop guys on the back seat of the car back home before I left. If I am honest, I had gone out whilst in Bristol, and then had a day of shopping with a friend the day after, and I wanted to hide the evidence under my eyes. 
I popped in to Aldo, just for a browse and came across these. Feeling nostalgic over my forgotten shades, I ended up back at the till. Oops. Raybans have always been popular, and I've always admired wayfarers on other people, but I've always thought they were a little too small for my face. These similar shaped ones are a little bigger, and have a thin frame, around the bottom half which I really like. Again, they are tortoise shell - I see a pattern emerging here - but I think the blend of browns and blacks make this style more wearable. Thoughts? The only thing that annoys me ever so slightly about these are those annoying, plastic nose bits. I know they're there to help them stay on your face but I find them so irritating, and always the first things to break of go skew wiff. Ah well, I can cope because the rest of them is just so darn lovely.
What shape do you go for?


  1. Both these pairs are amazing! I love the Aldo ones on you so much x

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