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March 18, 2013


Silk top - Charity shop
Blazer - New Look
Shirt and tights - Primark
Chelsea boots - So You Shoes
Earrings - Primark
Bracelets -Topshop, gift from Thailand, gifts.
Necklace - Topshop
Happy St. Patrick's day for yesterday lovelies! Did everyone have a good day/eve? As you may know I'm half Irish and was born over there, so I love St. Paddy's day!
I've decided to delve into the world of outfit posts, so I thought yesterday being a 'holiday' where everyone dresses in a lot of green and shamrocks would be fitting. I find photos of myself quite daunting, I'm quite a self-conscious person, but now, I've decided to just accept that this is how I look! So here ya go.
This top is something I picked up in a charity shop a while back for something ridiculous like £1.50. Barg. Its a loose box cut so sits nice as something you can just throw on, yet the silk fabric makes it feel a bit more special.

Barry M - 299 Racing Green & Del Sol - Island Fever
This weekend has been manic.
Saturday, if you're near Bristol you may know that they had a 48hr Fashion Fix where there were pop up shows outside participating Cabot stores such as Harvey Nics, Bank, Miss Selfridge etc. It was such a long day, the shows ran from 11am until 6pm and even though they were only around 2 minutes long with 20 minutes between each one, I was very sleepy by the end. And slightly frozen.
Throughout the day I was assisting renowned photographer Andre Regini who was the official snapper for Cabot. So each show was a rush of adrenaline for a solid 2 minutes whilst I switched in and out heavy, ridiculously expensive cameras. I didn't get to take any of my own photos which is a shame, but I did snap a few Instagrams if you want to have a look.
I then went along to the blogger after party in Picolinos (omg the best food ever) but couldn't stay long because I had work. Boo. I met some lovely bloggers and saw some of the lovely girls that came to the #bbmeet and got to chow down on the most incredible calamari and pizza. Mmmm.

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