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March 11, 2013


Happy Monday morning everyone! YAWN.

I'm not really sure what I'm writing about today, I haven't blogged in a little while so I feel like I should get to it but I just don't feel all that inspired on this freezing morning. Ergh.
I've recently started working again, so I'm out Friday and Saturday nights until around 1.15am.. so by the time I get home and wind down it's silly o'clock in the morning. So it's fair to say my body clock has been well and truly buggered.
Plus, I've been trying to eat really healthily and go to the gym loads, so with all of that put together, I feel rather cream cracker-ed.

So whats new?
1. I'm sitting at my desk at uni at the moment, trying to decide which of the million tasks I need to do, need to be done first, I've been here since 9 and I still don't feel awake! Need. More. Coffee.

2. I've been working on some editorial spreads for my portfolio which has gone down pretty well. I know I want to work in fashion editorial, I just don't know what area or specific title I want. Hmm. I love photography, and putting together an image along with thinking about how it looks on the page. I want to be the one who goes to the shows, works on shoots and gets to live the crazy fast paced lifestyle visiting Paris, Milan and New York in my Minolo's. One day...

Black and white image of Chanel sign in New York

3. Benefit are hosting an event on the 28th of this month which I'll be popping along too, so expect to see a post on that.

Collection image of Benefit products

4. Bristol fashion week is looming.

"Bristol Fashion Week is back with its stylish combination of 18 catwalk fashion shows, pamper sessions and style advice giving you the essential fashion edit of the new season trends and colours as well as the ultimate 'girly' treat."

Okay so it's not quite LFW, but still it's pretty cool. It's held at the Cribbs Causeway Mall, and will showcase SS'13 collections in the latest trends sweeping the stores. The massive shopping destination has over 135 stores with over 500 brands to choose from, and it's all over 2 floors and has a wide range of restaurants and caf├ęs to keep you busy so it should be a great event.
I've managed to bag myself a blogger pass (win) for the Friday, to attend the 'live blogging event' where myself and a bunch of other bloggers blog about the show as it happens for everyone to see! (say blog enough in one sentence?!) So that should be really fun! I'm trying to decide what to wear, maybe I'll instagram some ideas?

"Want to join in? Follow @mallcribbs on twitter and include #BFWSS13 in your tweets"

Image of Bristol Fashion Week catwalk 2012
BFW '12
5. Lastly, I met the lovely Joanna Valmai Wills. She's a stylist who's recently gone freelance and she's super cool. She works with 1883 magazine and has built up a very impressive portfolio of work. 
Her advice? Don't be afraid to work for free. Assist as much as you can. Don't be scared to approach people and tell them who you are and what you do. If you don't put yourself out there, you'll get left behind, fashion doesn't wait for you.

Editorial image styled by Joanna Valmai Wills

Disclaimer - None of the featured brands or people have asked/sponsored me to write this post. It's purely a catch up on what I'm getting up too. 


  1. See you at Bristol Fashion Week! :)


  2. Have fun at Bristol Fashion week! Good luck with your portfolio :) xx