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March 20, 2013


Images from Yayer
Yayer is an uber cool brand. They're like the British NastyGal, or the edgier Motel. I came across their site at work today and felt inspired to do a little trend post. I've added in some editorial work to these images that I took from the Yayer website, what do you think?
So this could be the start of a new 'thing' that I'll do on my blog, 'THE EDIT', so do let me know your thoughts!
Technically.... this isn't Yayer's official lookbook, but rather the websites slideshow banner images, but there were more images to use than the actual lookbook, plus I just loved the grungy vintage vibe to the selection.

Monochrome is still massive. I think you'd had to have literally fallen off the planet if you hadn't noticed. It's everywhere.The use of monochrome in these images works so well, and shows off the brands 'I don't give a f*ck, I'm cool' vibe. In my opinion that is.

90's inspiration is seeping through this season too, lots of high ponytails, Lennon style sunnies, rolled up hems and crop tops. Think Saved by the bell, and you'll be fine. Team high waisted bottom halves with cropped top halves, stick to few colours, or whack in a bold, bright print for the Fresh Prince feel too.

Colour hasn't been forgotten though, oh no. Neon is still roaming around, and colour blocking is working its way back in... so there is always a way for everyone to stay 'on-trend' if that's what you're after. Personally I'm not overly fussed about having something in the latest trend, but if I like it, I'll get it. I try not to confine myself to trend restrictions, yet every now and then I do find my self being sucked in. But there's nothing wrong with that... Plus when you're a highstreet shopper, it's pretty hard to avoid. Whatever the trend is, you're sure to get smacked in the face with it the second you walk in Primark.

What's your favorite trend at the moment? I have to admit I am loving monochrome, it's just so versatile and wearable.
Anyone going to Bristol Fashion Week!? If you are, I'll see you there! Hopefully I'll get to meet some more lovely bloggers and see some lovely clothes being strutted down the catwalk. Whilst resisting the urge to extend my overdraft... again.

Happy Wednesday 

Disclaimer - Yayer didn't ask me to write this. I just thought they were cool.

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