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August 20, 2012

Black and Gold

Went for a cheeky shop today and thought I'd do my first outfit post! Not sure if I like the photos but I thought it's a start I guess.. Picked up these amazing shoes at a shop called Shoeholics in Kingston - love them - I've been looking for the right pair of slipper shoes for a while now and haven't been able to get some that WOW'd me without breaking my purse, but when I saw these I was decided. The added faux fur makes them feel that bit more expensive to which is always a nice touch.
Also picked up this top from Primark but I'm not entirely convinced - you can't quite see on the picture but the front is a sort of leather look with small holes all over and the back is just plain in a t-shirt shape. I like it but I think I might swap it for a bigger size so it's baggier and more over sized rather than fitted. Other than that, I picked up a few other bits that I'll post on tomorrow :)
Happy Monday x

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