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August 17, 2012

Instagram part two

1. Pretty rose :)

2. Newquay beach

3. Yummy fish and chips. Bye bye diet...

4. On a beach in Cornwall - not quite as sunny as I'd hoped!

5.  Just a little bit of uni work to take home :/ just borrowed the trolley... haha

6. Rusty chains at the Falmouth harbour

7. Cave hunting!

8. Camping - this was so much fun! But not without it's challenges. We went quite late so it was already dark by the time we found the spot, and we had to trek through a muddy woods to get there just using the light off our phones! It was so scary! Then Matthew put up the tent while I did the most important job of holding the light :) It was so lovely to have the sea just down the road so we could hear the waves - and the rain. Ah well.

9. Cocktails with my stunt team - I miss cheer.

10. Taking Matthew out on the bike - he makes me look tiny being all 'stigged' up

11. Bye bye uni jungle garden

12. Meerkats at Newquay zoo!

13. Mummy and me at Box Hill

14. Portfolio peek, end of year 2!

15. Yours truely posing like a pro

16. Mumma again, such a babe.

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