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August 05, 2012

Colour fix no.1

I ended up going on a spontaneous night out last night so am feeling a little worse for wear today.. I was the only girl out because I'm such a trooper haha but it was a really fun night.
Today's post is a random one I guess, as my head is a bit all over the place I decided to do a colour fix. Every shop I go in I seem to be drawn to things in this colour. I absolutely love it. I find it works well with pretty much any neutral colour, as well as mint green and pale pastels, and works for skirts, shirts, jeans, accessories you name it. If I didn't look like a walking grape I'd wear it head to toe.
Actually saying that, I have it on my toe nails right now! Obsessed.
Just a quick post because my eyes are starting to fall asleep. Hope you've had a lovely weekend :) xx

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