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September 22, 2013


I've been on the hunt for Sleek blushes ever since I saw them being hyped around the bloggersphere. I'd been in Boots a few times and had a search with no luck, until yesterday in Westfield, when I happened to be in Boots again, I thought I'd ask. Yeah, so Sleek is exclusive to Superdrug. Akward. That would make sense as to why I couldn't find them then...
When I finally got to the concession, I had forgotten completely which shade I had originally wanted, so did the standard 'lets just swatch everything on my hand and look insane' blogger ritual. 
I settled on this gorgeous pinky-brown shade, aptly named Pomegranate. It's a strong berry colour with slight flecks of gold that give a very subtle shimmer to work as a highlight. 
I've never used them before, so completely underestimated how pigmented they actually are. Lets just say when I first put it on I looked like I'd just been slapped across the face with a wet fish. Not so good. Needless to say a lot of buffing was done. In the lighting of my bedroom, it looks a lot subtler than in the flesh, but the darker images made me look ill. So this will do! I've never been much of a blush girl, I'm more of a bronzer-holic, so maybe I just need to work on my technique a tad... Any tips?
On a second note... I really, really need to dye my hair dark again, not really feeling this yellow look so much. Thoughts?

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