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August 28, 2013


I have been invited to share my ideal holiday with you guys for a chance to win a pair of sunglasses from Avenue 32, so naturally I said 'hell yeah', and got to thinking about where I'd love to jet set off too.
Where to start... Does everywhere count? Because if I could, and money wasn't an option, I'd pack up my life to travel around the entire world tomorrow. 
I think for the purpose of this post I'll have to restrain and go with a trip around Europe. Going to Paris, Milan, Venice, Amsterdam, Spain.... You get the point. With my boy and the open road. From reading Tuula and Gary Pepper Girl on the regular, I think it's fair to say that their wanderlust ways have rubbed off on me.

So what would I wear on this epic journey I hear you ask? Well lets have a look see...

Secret Café dining in Paris...

Simple white tee tucked in to a gorgeous skater skirt, classic handbag and the most amazing loafers I have ever seen. Perfect for sipping on tea and indulging on macaroons, over looking the Eiffel Tower, of course.

Colour blocking by the sea in Croatia...

A chic shirt dress thrown effortlessly over a bold red bikini for when the sea is just too tempting. A pair of blue Lennon's and a leather backpack for stocking up on goodies at the local bazaar. 

Print clashing at a cocktail evening in Venice...

A bold shirt will always look good against the clashing texture of leather, I think, and the chunkier shoe, the better. Gold accents set the look off whilst I sip my cosmo at the bar, darling.

I can dream right?!

If you get a moment, do check out the merch on Avenue 32, choosing items proved very difficult. It's all too good.

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