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July 03, 2013


As of late I've become quite the fan of print. As you may know I currently intern at Motel Rocks in their web editorial department, and Motel are pretty much the queens of print, so I see lots of new designs coming in every week. This has sparked my love for print again and gave me the idea for this post, so here are ten prints in my wardrobe that I'm loving at the moment, I think different variations of each print will stay around forever, so technically they're timeless... technically.

One. Distressed graphic.

I absolutely adore this top from Topshop since I managed to nab it in the sale a little while back. It's made of really soft cotton, and is a distressed blend of black and grey with a white compass print on the front. I love this type of print, well I suppose it's more towards a motif than a print per say but it works really well to add a little grungy edge to an outfit, especially for those of you who like the nautical trend but don't always want to be drowned in blue and white stripes - this one's a winner. I love the 'worn' look of this tee, it's also a box cut top so hangs so beautifully and naturally off your shoulders, meaning it works great with fitted skirts, leggings (with a strappy top underneath to hide your, erm, area) or disco pants. 

Two. Aztec.

Again, another box top from Topshop featuring a neutral aztec print. This type of print is great for adding some excitement to your outfit, especially if you're like me and don't tend to stray too far from black on a day to day basis. Aztec prints are very geometric normally, another staple design, but the colours and traingular shapes of aztec make it much more earthy and boho chic. Totally wearable for everyone, my go to for this top is a pair of black skinny jeans and chunky heels.

Three. Artistic.

As I said before, Motel are the dons of print, so naturally I had to include this Addison shirt in pink forest print. Although this print is designed around the forest, and you can make out shapes of birds and trees, it's done in such an artistic way that almost looks like the type of art you used to do as a kid when you put ink on a page and blew it with a straw. This concept for designing makes this type of print much more appealing and interesting to the eye, making you look twice to see what it is you're actually looking at - plus it's a great talking point! Motel currently have quite a few pieces in this print, plus a black version of it, so I'd recommend checking it out.

Four. Monochrome stripe.

Ah monochrome, it's everywhere and I don't think it's going anywhere soon! I'm not one to religiously follow the trends, but with one as strong as monochrome this season, I couldn't really escape it. I just went with it and now I'm in love. It's such a classic combination of black and white that will stay with you through seasons to come. You can dress it up, with a pencil skirt and heels, or down with leggings and chunky boots. Stripes are so flattering on any shape, so combining the two is an obvious win. This shirt is so relaxed and sheer, with lovely attention to detail that makes you feel all fancy. Oh, and it's Motel too, of course!

Five. Detail print.

If you're not a big fan of the all over print, then fear not! You can still get a print fix with detailing such as this bright aztec pocket - this one is on a men's Primark tee for extra comfort and baggy-ness. Pockets are not only a good place for a little print, you can find it on sleeves/shoulders, or hems etc, or you could even add some print with a funky patterned belt. So much choice! I love to pair this oversized men's tee with my disco pants for a Primark overload. Why not eh?! But it could be dressed up by adding a strong tailored black blazer and some killer wedges.

Six. Nature.

To me, this print is just b.e.a.utiful. It sits on a H&M racer back sleeveless top with an exposed zip at the back and is just so pretty! I love the fact that it's not too bright and in your face, but is enough colour to make you look all summery. Up close it actually looks like a painting which I think is great and has so much detail in the design. The top itself has been cut quite triangular so it hangs out from the body, making it perfect with a fitted bottom half and loose, relaxed knit. Because there are a lot of colours in the print, I tend to pair it with neutral tones so that the top really pops, but you could always pick out one or two of the colours in the design for a more striking look. Find a similar style here.

Seven. Monochrome aztec.

More monochrome and even more aztec, but this time, all rolled up into one crazy print. This is another men's Primark tee, I find they seem to have much better prints in the men's department, what's up with that?! Again, I tend to pair this loose tee with the same sort of styling as the last men's tee, leggings and a blazer or chunky knit. Simple, but exciting none the less.

Eight. Feathers.

Believe it or not this is actually a Primark top! So gorgeous right!? I got it a little while back now, but still get compliments on it to this day, so it's not leaving my wardrobe any time soon! Feathers are so delicate, and to me, symbolise freedom and peace, making them such a lovely base for a design. There's so much detailing in a feather, and I really do think Primark have done a great job capturing it here! Plus this burgundy colour is one of my favourite colours ever, so it's a win in my books. I tend to pair this with black, and then pull out the brown/beige in a cardigan to combine it all together.

Nine. Floral.

A print collection wouldn't be complete without a floral now would it? This little beauty is from a 'silk' camisole from Primark - jeez I need to shop somewhere else - and is so feminine and dainty. Admittedly it's a little busy on the eye, but the flowers are so small and delicate that I think it's okay. I like the colour choices, it's not too diverse, but varied enough to be a true floral. Plus I quite like he fact that up close it kind of looks like it was printed with teeny tiny potatoes... You know, like you used to do at school. As this is such an eye-straining print, I tend to keep everything else very plain and simple, most likely black - well there's a surprise!

Ten. Smoke/mottled.

Woohoo you made it to the end! Pat on the back for you. It seems this entire post has been made up of top halves, so here's a bottom for you, so you can feel complete. This print is from a pair of Topshop 'relaxed' leggings. Well that's what I call them because they aren't quite hareem pants, nor joggers or normal leggings. This print is so lovely, it's a little pinker in real life, but is a gorgeous mottled grey/pink/peach mix. I guess if it were blue it would make the perfect back drop to your school portrait photo. This looks great paired with a really white, baggy tee tucked in loosely, but works equally well with black and grey. I guess you could easily DIY this print with some fabric paint and sponges... Hmmm...

So there you go! My favorite ten prints in my wardrobe, what did you think? Do you have a favorite? I must point out, I am in no way trying to dictate what anyone should wear, I'm merely sharing my own thoughts. :)

Have a great day!

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