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June 13, 2013


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When you get taken away from an environment of constant wifi and internet access, you start to remember the finer things in life. I'm currently in Essex with Matthew's family, staying at a holiday park, where I've come to the club house to log on. Spending time with his family has been really wonderful so far, even with the ridiculous wind that nearly blew me away today. Taking away the internet has made me realise how much time I spend on the web, glued to the screen. So much so that I'd almost forgotten what else there was to do. We've enjoyed many a game of rummie, sat outside for the brief time the sun has come out and engaged in proper conversations. My eyes now feel a little less square.

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  1. I never really think about how much time I spend on my computer, but the days where I don't use it always feel so liberating in some way! I think I'd be a great idea to take a day every week or month and claim it computerfree! x