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May 14, 2013


Flower mesh jacket and skirt
Rhinestone triangle Earth child necklace
Lipstick in Innocent
Silk cami in blue and yellow
Whitney mega wedges
Daisy cami

Yes please! is a feature I started back in March, okay so I only did that one but I thought I'd try and incorporate it into a regular post. So here it is, the Topshop edition.
Topshop will always have a place in my heart. Even though I think their prices are a bit steep (possibly because I'm not a full timer yet), I'll always go in and have a mooch around. Normally ending in slight depression over the amount of amazingness I can't take away with me in one go.

I still love the matchy matchy trend, and think it's one that is here to stay. It's such a modern, easy take on the suit that can be made ultra girly, boho or even punk if styled right. Just by choosing the right fabric for the occasion, matching top and bottom will make for an easy throw together that looks meticulously planned. What's not to love? This Flower mesh number is in the most gorgeous blood orange colour, perfect for transitioning from Spring to Summer (if that ever happens in the U.K) and the length of the skirt makes it fun and flirty whilst still being smart. Win. I would personal style it with a loose fitting whit t-shirt tucked in roughly - maybe one like this - and then add statement earrings rather than a necklace. I think a chunky necklace would detract from the gorgeous shape of the jacket, I'm thinking these earrings?

The amount of love I have for this necklace is ridiculous. I mean, look at it?! So pretty. It's the kind of neck piece that will just add excitement to any simple outfit, turning a white tee and jeans into a look fit for any occasion - with the right shoes of course. I reckon it would look smashing over an LBD too, what do you reckon?

I find it quite upsetting that I still don't own a single item of Topshop makeup. I know, it should be illegal. This one is so gorgeous. I tend to go for darker, more burgundy shades normally, but this one is a perfect Spring/Summer pink. I think it's aptly named Innocent, I could imagine putting this on and instantly turning into the cutest little thing - like butter wouldn't melt! According to the website it's a velvet finish, which is good for me because I tend to find some lipsticks quite drying, but this one claims to be very moisturising. Does anyone have it that could advise me on whether or not it's good? Will I have luscious lips or a flakey pink mess? 

These camis are perfect for throwing on over jeans or leggings, and the silk finish means you'll look like you put some effort in when decided what to wear. Plus the daisy one is just too cute, I'd probably pair it will my black Disco Pants and those MEGA wedges, with a high ponytail and scrunchie for a little 90s vibe. 

Speaking of mega wedges, these Whitneys are just incredible. I want them. Please?

Have a great week, and lets all hope the sun comes back! Love x

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  1. That daisy cami is perfection!

  2. I love this! Been eyeing up the jacket/skirt combo for a while! x

    1. Thanks :) I know it's lovely I'm so tempted to get one! x