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May 15, 2013


Image sourced through weit and edited by me

So GFC is slowly working its way off the radar, and people seem to be using it less and less. So I've decided to remove my GFC button from my blog, but fear not! There are other ways to stay tuned with the happenings of this site.
Bloglovin' - I love this website, it makes finding and organising the blogs you love so much easier. Find me here.
Facebook - For random updates, products and other things - Like the page here.
Twitter - Tweet me @RICOANDTINE
Pinterest - Have a peek at my pins (no pun intended) here.
Tumblr - I also run an inspirational blog over on tumblr, check that out here.
Or just drop me an email, info on the contact page.

See? Nothing to worry about :) x

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