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May 23, 2013


Oops. I shopped. Again. I honestly just went in to exchange something and then this happened. Ah well, it didn't set me back too much so I can excuse myself for this momentary lapse. They do have some lovely pieces in at the moment. I find with Primark, you have to look through the mountains of things to find the little gems, although most people also seem to abide by this mantra, so you do end up all walking around like clones. But who cares? If it's pretty, it's pretty!
This chiffon camisole is in the most gorgeous blood orange colour, which I think will be perfect for summer, paired with some white denim cut offs and these cute little pumps. Lazer cut leather (okay so these aren't actually leather) is a big trend this spring, and I've had my eye on these for a while - plus I threw away all of my flat shoes in a very emotional cull - so they were completely justified. And at £8 you can't really go wrong can you?! 
I saw these glasses on my friend the other day, and I've been looking for a pair of Lennon-esque sunnies that are the right size for my face. So when she said they were Primark I thought I'd check them out. And low and behold, I love them! Result.
I've also started to fall in love with silver again, I go through phases with jewellery and tend to buy something, and wear it to the death - almost to the point where I completely forget what I even had before. So I picked up two pairs of earrings. I have the rose gold version of these cross earrings that I got in Topshop a few months ago, so seeing the rusty silver version for a fraction of the price was an instant win.
The Hamsa hands are just beautiful and don't feel as light, and dare I say cheap, as some of the Primark jewellery can do, and the black strap top is just a wardrobe essential for wearing under tops that aren't quite long enough to cover your bum when you wear leggings. 

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  1. Nice pics babe! I might have to go and get myself one of those cami tops!! xxx

    1. Aw cheers chicka :) xx yea do they have loads of colours :) xx

  2. You can't really go into shops like Primark without going out with a few items, so I'm not blaming you. ;-) Plus I really like the shoes! x