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April 05, 2013


I couldn't do a 90s grunge themed shoot without choosing an epic 90s song lyric as the title. Ah Destiny's Child you babes.
This is a shoot I did on Tuesday for my ever approaching 'Professional Practice' deadline at uni, what do you think?

Pretty much all of the clothing is from Motel Rocks and their capsule 2 collection - MASSIVE thank you guys for lending me all of your pretty clothes. I styled the shoot based on the 90s trend that has been sweeping the high street this season, with crop tops, statement shades à la Lennon, high tops and PU leather. Keeping the dark, grungey theme in mind, my model - the lovely Bianca - was perfect. She just oozes cool, wouldn't you agree?
I wanted to showcase the elements of the trend that I'm really loving, and Motel have got such a great range of acid wash denim and vintage inspired tees such as this gorgeous 'Shiva' print number. Most of these haven't hit the website yet, so consider this an exclusive preview!

Makeup wise, I wanted to hone in on the grunge look so decided on a dark eye as well as a dark lip - something I wouldn't ever do in real life, I'm a 'one or the other' type girl - but in this case I think it works. I worked with the lovely Georgia who seems to understand my waffling and ideas perfectly. 

Massive thank yous too:

Model - Bianca Edwards
Clothing from - Motel Rocks and (mine and) Bianca's wardrobe
Location - Oceana Bristol
Photography/styling/editing - Myself. (Using any images without permission is prohibited, just ask.)

Please do let me know what you think in the comments! Have a good week xx (or rest of...)

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