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April 02, 2013


All Topshop.
There's something about Easter that just makes me think of yellow. (Probably the most obvious statement ever but hey). All of the daffodils and chick themed things are just too cute. I wish the weather would reflect the Spring freshness of Easter, but never mind, we had some sun today! I love the pastel trend, and Topshop have got some gorgeous pieces in (as always), so here's a 'this is what I would have liked to have worn on Easter Sunday if I'd had endless funds' look. I love a simple cami with a statement necklace, this spike shard collar is just beautiful, and a chunky knit is something I'll always love.
Keeping the colours light and fresh, the MOTO Bleach Leigh skinnies and Lacie hi-vamp platforms keep this outfit simple yet sleek, I love the turn up on the hem of the jeans and I'm a sucker for a platform.
I saw this bunny ear alice band and fell in love. Imagine this with messy tousled hair? Beautiful. 
Finished off with 'Heart of Gold' polish for a touch of shimmer.
What do you think?


  1. I love the cardigan and the cami! I'm so happy it's finally Spring! xx

    1. :) I know thank goodness we're starting to get some sun! Xx

  2. such a gorgeous fresh outfit!