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August 03, 2012

Instagram part one

1. Rainbow cake! My boyfriend and I decided to have a go at baking.. it was so much fun! We made a simple vanilla sponge, then split it up into 5 bowls and added 5 different food colourings, then poured in the colours one at a time - pouring each one onto the middle of the last so it marbles, if that makes any sense? - then popped our creation in the oven. When it came out it didn't look very colourful :( so we compensated by making multicoloured icing with a lemon flavour. Best. Thing. Ever. I have to admit we did get a bit carried away. Once we cut it open, it looked amazing! So colourful. I encourage you all to try this!!

2. Healthy breakfast this morning... Poached eggs with spinach, hummus and three bean salad. Attempting to get on a health fix.

3. Me and my boyfriend Matthew en route to Bath for the day.

4. Street artist in Bath - such a sweet little hedgehog!

5. I've started making my own bracelets.. I think I might try to sell some soon, what do you think? I've made about 15 so far, all from brown twine/cord, recycled beads from old jewellery and silver clasps/chains. It's quite therapeutic actually.

6. I think I need some new slippers??

7,8&9. Beautiful Bath.

10. Sea Lion statue love <3

11. Yours truly in Bath.

12. Geek.

13. Bath Cathedral - how amazing is it?! We sat just outside it listening to the most wonderful acoustic guitar busker, his voice gave me goosebumps.

14. Hot air balloon flying over Castle park in Bristol.

15. Cute handmade tees and jumpers from BS8 in Bristol. I've made my own collection of snake print tees myself, I'll post some pictures up soon, might try and sell those too.

16. Cheer awards! The best stunt group ever. I miss you team Hench! Having major cheer withdrawal already :(

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    1. By far the best thing I've ever made.. You should try it! :) thanks for commenting, feel free to follow! Xx just popped over unto yours :) lovely blog xx