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May 10, 2013


Necklace, earrings and band ring - Primark
Turqouise stone ring - gift
Aztec is still pretty hot right now, especially in jewellery terms I think. So when I spotted these Aztec inspired silver and black earrings, I knew they'd fit in well with my many other pieces. The amount of jewellery I have is ridiculous. Probably more then any other thing I own, including clothes, and that's saying something!
The cut out shape is really cool, but they don't hang all that well. The black part is on a hinge, so instead of hanging down straight all pretty, they tend to point off towards the back of my neck, which is a tad annoying, but for the minuscule price of £2 I can't complain!
You may have seen this necklace have it's debut not so long ago here, this is what it looks like the right way around! I'm not too sure on the greens painted onto the front of the spikes, but I think if I'm wearing something with flecks of green in, or a pale green knit, maybe like this, it would work really well. For now though I think I'll keep wearing it back to front...
This silver band ring was an absolute steal, at only a pound from the men's section I had to. Yet it's a little big. Damn it! Ah well, I can wear it on those hot days when your fingers seem to be fatter. Do you know what I mean?! Haha. You do.
Ah the turquoise ring. I love love love this so much. I have been on the hunt for a silver and turquoise ring that's just right for a while, and this one is just that. It was actually a present from the boy on our one year not too long ago, didn't he do well! Major points there. Although the only issue is that it's just a little too small. Oh.
That's okay though, I think I'll be able to swap it for a slightly bigger one so all is not lost!
I seem to be gravitating towards silver again, but I always tend to go for the rustier, worn looking metals, rather than the blindingly bright ones. 

Are you wearing much silver recently? Do you like my buys?

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