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May 17, 2013


Ever wanted to know how to get into print design? Or were thinking about it but weren't sure which way to turn first? Well I met up with print designer Erin Murphy, who's just finished her uni degree to get the low down... Plus a few little fashion and beauty q's, of course!

What made you decide to go into print design?
I’m all for what’s on the fabric rather than the shape or drape of the material. Excites me a lot more than pattern cutting!

You seem to be inspired by colour, is that something you found along the way, or something you’ve always been attracted to?
I am definitely inspired by colour, I cannot work without it. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas from children's drawings and using crayons as their clumsy and colourful.

How long does it take you to get from idea to final print?
It depends - I can whip a print together quite quickly if I have a starting point (photograph, object, drawing etc) but I can sit there for hours changing formats until I am happy with the outcome.

Who’s your fashion icon? 
I really don't have one! I take inspiration from various people. My mum was always my fashion icon when I was little.

What wardrobe staple could you not be without this season?
My denim dungarees.

What’s your go to makeup look?
Concealer and lippy.

What’s your plan for the future? Where do you want to take your designs?
I would love to sell some of my designs at new designers at the end of June but would love to start my own clothing line.

Any advice for anyone who wants to go into print design?
Learn repeat formats of how to create a proper repeat pattern and your life will be a lot easier! Experiment with fabrics and processes.

Want to chat to Erin and see more of her work? Find her here...

How great is that?! Please make sure you don't take any images, just ask her first! Until next time lovelies. x

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