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February 15, 2013


Wow what a day! My first day at the legendary LFW was insane. Although I have been once before (House of Holland AW11) I hadn't experience the magnificence of somerset House until this morning. Incredible.
I went as part of the Motel Rocks team, snapping away all of the fashionistas and celebs that paraded across the cobbles of the courtyard, so expect to see some of my pics on the Motel Rocks Blog by Monday! Exciting.
I genuinely took 585 photos today, so please forgive me that they aren't all going up this evening, as you can imagine I have a lot of sifting through to do!

The glorious setting was just as I imagined, being up since 6.30am and travelling down by coach from Bristol this morning completely left my mind the second I walked through the Iron Gates into Fashion Heaven. All the trends were out in force, monochrome, neon, camo, stripe, all worn effortlessly I might add, and there were camera lenses pointing in every single direction. Non stop. All day. LOVED IT.

Amongst the glamour and chic, there were quite a few, how do I put it - questionable (?) outfits roaming around, including someone in a complete blow up doll body suit. And stilettos.

Here's a sneak preview of some of the images I've taken, as I've come home to visit the fam this weekend I don't have my laptop or Photoshop to do some touch-ups so these are straight off the camera. In the process of downloading the free trial onto muma's laptop as we speak.

Gorgeous over-sized sunnies and faux fur.

Oh hey Victoria.. Both looking FIERCE.

Flawless. Statement black lip is hard to pull off, well done. Well done.

Sunnies are out if full force. Floral... Denim... Cat eye...
Have any of you gone to Fashion Week today? Or going this weekend? Maybe next year I'll get myself into the shows ;)

Happy Friday. Stay fashionable people.
Love x

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