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January 18, 2013

Mini Christmas Haul.

I know this is extremely delayed, but I was going to hold off and do individual posts on these items, yet I've been very busy and haven't managed to. These are just a few little things I got for Christmas, I photographed them straight away, hence the Christmas theme, so I thought I'd put the pictures up now and do reviews on them another time - when I actually start using them!

How cute is this?! LUSH box with a Santa belt? Love.

LUSH - Cinders bath bomb

LUSH - Not sure what this one is called, I couldn't find it online. But it's a soap. And it's pretty. And it's a star.

Carolina Herrera - 212 Glam eau de toilette. It smells INSANELY GOOD.

Lumiere Collection - Bronzer. It's practically the size of my hand.
 What do you think? I thought it would be best to put them up now whilst its still relatively close to Christmas. It would look a bit strange having Christmas paper in a post in June...

The only thing I've used so far is the Carolina Harrera perfume. It smells so unbelievably good. I love how it comes in this ice cube packaging, I've taken that part off and used each end as storage for hair clips and things, it looks so lovely on my dresser. The perfume itself has two bottles, not really sure why but it means you can have one at home and leave one i your bag if you wanted to, but they don't have their own separate lid so be careful you don't get soggy fragrance all over everything. This design is typical to Herrera though, and it is pretty cool.
The smell, oh my god the smell. According to Herrera herself it has top notes of lollipop and cotton candy, middle notes of crystallized rose petals and toffee, and a base note of electric fluorescent wood. Mmmmm.
It is very sweet, but I like sweet perfumes, Burberry London is my favorite, so again, very sugary. I've never been a huge fan of overly floral, rose-y smells for perfume so this works wonders. Also, I found out a little interesting fact (please don't quote me on this as I use the word 'fact' lightly) if a perfume doesn't suit your skin, it won't smell as strong on you, and people won't really notice it. I guess that means let your perfume find you. You'll know the right one when you find it. Haha, sounds so philosophical. Sounds like finding a boyfriend/girlfriend!

Have you tried this perfume? 212 Sexy is also gorgeous, has anyone tried that? Do you like the bottle design?

Also, in other news, I have recently joined the wonderful Motel team as their newest Web Editorial intern! So exciting, I had my first day on Wednesday and I absolutely loved it. I managed to get my hands on some gorgeous clothes too which is awesome, I'm planning on finally biting the bullet and doing some actual outfit posts soon - I'm just feeling a little nervous as I'm not so happy with the 'post-Christmas-yet-actually-all-the-time-body' at the moment. So watch this space!

Has everyone had a nice week? Have you had much snow??? Bristol hasn't had it yet, apart from about two measly flakes the other day, but according to my mobile telephone device we should have some by the time I wake up tomorrow - if we're lucky eh! I love snow, as long as no one throws a snow ball at my ear I'm all good. That's just the worst. Cold snow in your ear. EW.


Disclaimer - All the items featured in this post were Christmas presents from friends and family (thinking about it I think they were all from my lovely mumma) and I have not been asked to write this by any of the brands.

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