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January 08, 2013

Face || one.

Maybelline Dream Matte mousse foundation - Honey beige.
Rimmel Sun Glow bronzer - Shade 025.
Rimmel Scandelize mascara - 003 Extreme black.
Rimmel eye liner pencil - Black (most of the info is rubbed off so I'm not completely sure which one it is).
Wilko lip balm - Original.
Oh hey. This is a random and slightly vein post on my face this morning. What a treat for you! Ha.
I'm just waiting for my phone to update the software so I can go to uni and 'do some work' and the camera on my iPad has found me. Please excuse the duck face, but it's just too fun.
This is a really standard, quick, everyday makeup look for me, the most I venture away from this is the amount of eyeliner I use. This thick line has been done with a pencil which is not ideal for the cat eye as it's quite smudgy, but I'm yet to get to grips with my liquid liner. Don't you worry though, I'll be a pro before long.
I will be changing out of my slobby hoody before I go to uni, although it is tempting to wear it everyday as it's just so snuggly.
Any fun plans for the day? I plan to be in uni until they make me leave, so much to do, so little time.

Love x

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